Why Do You Continue To Struggle As A Trader?

  • February 1, 2019
  • / By Vic

There are few forex trading services that have the conviction, confidence
and outright courage to record videos in advance, in front of everyone.
Darko does this every day. And the accuracy and the results have been
through the roof.

If you are not making positive pips in your trading, we have the solution
to eliminating all excuses. We call it the “Pre-Market Analysis (PMA)
video. These videos are produced every single day. The trade setups are
shown in advance, not after the fact. No hindsight.

In today’s video, Darko will walk you through one of the many trades called
this week, showing the PMA video before the trade, then the result. This
one yielding close to a 3:1 RR…depending on your trade management. Here it is:

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