Frequently Asked Questions

General Forex FAQ

Unlike the stock markets, the Forex market does not operate via regulated exchanges or clearing houses. Participants of the Spot Forex market deal with each other via global communication networks to buy and sell currency pairs. As a result, unlike stock trading, there’s no brokerage commission. You can long and short currency pairs any time. Forex is open 24 hours and is the most liquid financial market in the world.

We recommend you begin your Forex training with one of our basic trading courses. Go through our extensive tutorial library as many times as you need to understand the basic concepts. Open a demo account and trade there until you become consistently profitable and have a coherent trading plan together.

Yes! In fact this is highly recommended before committing to full time trading. We have many successful members that started trading part-time and were able to quit their daytime job, and become full time forex traders with our training.

You can start trading Forex with as low as $300 account. Most brokers offer flexible leverage and contract sizes, which are powerful features to have, especially for beginners.

We believe in specialization so we focus mostly on the Major currency pair. We find this pair has a very stable pattern and daily range.

Our Getting Started series does not assume any prior Forex knowledge. We start from the beginning. Our other more advanced courses requires some basic Forex trading knowledge.


Since 2006. We have coached thousands of aspiring Forex traders.

It is an interactive training service designed to help Forex traders to attain Forex trading mastery via DAILY Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) videos, along with interaction with mentors and other traders..

The CC Premium membership is available for our more active members, and for those wanting to achieve consistent profitability in the shortest time possible. CC Premium members enjoy exclusive access to a live, 24/7 “Skype Chat Lounge”. The Chat Lounge has proven itself to be incredibly valuable for our members, where they can interact with other experienced traders and coaches, and get instant answers to questions via Skype text, screenshots, or even mini-videos at times.

Coach’s Corner covers 28 currency pairs. We produce videos of setups daily to help you quickly identify tradeable opportunities. CC Premium members also have access to our powerful 24/7 Skype Chat Lounge, where they can participate in a “real time” trading environment with other traders.

There is one Pre-Market Analysis video produced each day and posted to the CC members site before the London Open. Also, there is usually a second “NY Session PMA” posted at the start of the NY session. These videos are available to ALL CC members. All members will also have access to Bonus videos that are occasionally posted.

Darko posts the Pre-Market Analysis video before the London open. A second “NY Session” video is usually posted around the start of the NY session.

Simple 1-2-3 Forex Trader

It is a dead-simple, 3-step, rule-based Forex trading system.

Lennox Chambers has been using Simple 1-2-3 to trade options and indices for more than 2 decades and has been using it to trade the Forex since 2016.

Join the Simple 1-2-3 Forex Trader mentorship program and gain access to all the resources you need to learn this powerful system. Start with the foundation course, watch sample trade videos, participate in live training webinars and our 24/7 Skype trading room.

Trading does not have to be difficult. The rules should be simple. But it will take practice to master any system. Peter: I was skeptical but I have now seen it in action and I am completely floored. It is uncannily accurate. Lennox: I believe a successful trading system has to be simple and straightforward. I strive to keep things dead simple.

It is simple to learn, rule-based with little subjective interpretation. It brings high probability trades to you. It tells you not only where to enter trades but where you should exit. It takes most of the guesswork from trading.

Depending on the timeframe of your trades. For longer-term trades you can set and forget as long as you set stops. Our system tells you where to take profit and where to set your stop loss.

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