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Dear Webmaster & Website Operator,

Forexmentor invites you to help us spread the word about internet's most credible Forex training resources. Our affiliate program is a fantastic way to earn significant commission by placing text links or banner ads on your website. Many website operators just like you are enjoying healthy commission payouts from promoting our Forex training programs and our courses to their website visitors.


Forexmentor has partnered with the a reputable and established affiliate network to manage our Affiliate Program. The Sharesale network tracks our affiliates' sales activities using state-of-the-art internet technology. As an affiliate, you can login into your own administrative console to monitor sales and click thru activities. Sharesasale handles monthly commission check mailouts in a timely fashion.


It's free to join and only takes a couple of minutes to apply. There are no program setup fees. To get started, simply click here or on the New Affiliate Signup link below and complete the brief application form. When your application is approved, you will receive notification from Shareasale and be assigned a unique affiliate ID. Once your Shareasale Affiliates account is open, then you may sign up for the Forexmentor Affiliate Program by simply providing your Shareasale affiliate username and password here or clicking on the Affiliate login link below. Once you have joined the Forexmentor Affiliates Program, you must place our affiliate banner links or text links on your web site or digital marketing materials in order for click thrus to be tracked and for you to be paid commissions on referral sales. Simply log in to your Shareasale account and download our banner and/or text links to put on your site or digital marketing materials. Without using the affiliate links we provide to you on Shareasale, there is no way to track sales and for you to be paid commissions.

When your visitors click on our banner or text link and subsequently finalize a sale at our site, you will get the credit. Shareasale uses cookies to remember the original referral for a period of 60 days.


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Learn Forex Now!
is a comprehensive, practical and most of all – completely realistic – overview of what the Forex industry is all about and what it takes to become a competent practitioner within it. more info »
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Forex Support & Resistance
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Coach's Guide to Building a Success Trading Plan
Vic Noble encapsulates his coaching service in a self-study program to allow traders to review and learn the same winning strategies any time any where. more info »
Coach's Guide to Building a Success Trading Plan Vic Noble
Forex Profits with MACD
Master one of the most powerful & widely used tools of technical analysis! This is a practical guide to understanding & applying MACD Indicator for Forex trading. more info »
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Forexmentor Affiliate FAQ

How can I join your affiliate program?

Click here and fill out the Shareasale Affiliate Account application form at the bottom of the page. Once you receive approval of your new account, login here and enter your username and password to join the Forexmentor Affiliate Program on Shareasale.

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is to place our Affiliate text links or banner links we provide to you via Shareasale on to your website or in your digital marketing materials. Shareasale tracks visitors to your website who click on these affiliate text links or banner links. Without the affiliate links, sales can not be tracked. If the visitor clicks on the affiliate text link or banner link and purchases any of our courses listed on Shareasale within 60 days, your Affiliates Account is credited with a commission for the sale.

What's my affiliate commission?

You are paid an incredible 30% commission of the sales price. Note that shipping and handling charges do not constitute part of the sales price. Product upgrades from web to CD or DVD are not eligible for an affiliate commission.

How do I get the Forexmentor Affiliate banners and links?

  1. Login in to your Shareasale Affiliate Account, go to the "Get Links" menu and select "get a link/banner".
  2. A list of Merchant Programs appears, the affiliate programs you have signed up for. Click on the link "get links" listed under Forexmentor as the merchant organization. A list of all the Forexmentor product categories appears.
  3. Click on the category for the Forexmentor course you would like to feature on your website or marketing materials. A list of text ads and banners appear.
  4. Click on the "get HTML code" link under the specific text ad or banner graphic you want to use.
  5. Copy and paste the HTML code on to your web page or marketing materials.

You can use as many text links or banner links on your site or in your digital marketing materials as you wish. We offer a variety of text links and banner sizes to choose from for each of our courses.

How many courses can I sell?

We have over 40 products listed on Shareasale so you have a number of excellent courses to choose from.

Is there a data feed available for your products?

Yes, if you wish, you can download our data feed through your account on Shareasale. When logged in to your Shareasale account, go to the "Get Links" menu and select "Datafeeds". Here you will be given the option to download a csv file or request FTP access to our data feed.

When and how do I get paid?

Shareasale.com handles our commission payments. They mail out affiliate checks on the 20th of every month. Some of our affiliates make a full time income selling our courses.

Can I link to your site from more than one site?


How do I update my contact information?

Login to your Shareasale account, go to the "Account Settings" menu and select "Edit Account Settings".

How do I keep up to date with information about your Affiliates Program?

Login to your Shareasale account, click on "Get A Link/Banner" in the "Get Links" menu. In the merchant programs that are listed, under the Forexmentor Program, click on "View Program Description and Affiliate Agreement". Here you can click on "View Recent Newsletters". We send out notifications to our Affiliates about any changes and updates about our Affiliates Program through our newsletter.

How do I contact your Affiliates Manager?

Click here to contact our Affiliates Manager.