Forex Price Action Analysis for Swing Trading

  • October 14, 2021
  • / By Vic

This week’s video is an absolute knock-out. Darko is now profitable by over
+2000 pips on his forex swing trades for Sept/Oct. These are forex trade
setups that he pointed out to our members WAY in advance.

Obviously we are NOT saying that everyone else will be profitable by that
amount, or even at all. Why? Different reasons: trades not taken
(psychological factors), different forex trade management, lack of focus,

Seriously, there is literally NO excuse why anyone needing a longer-term
forex trading approach would not be able to follow these setups and take on
these trades. In most cases you have days, if not weeks, to put the order
in. No excuses. Period.

Folks, Darko could not be more transparent than he is in this video. He
shows you his forex price action analysis, exactly WHY he took the forex
trades he did (the steps are listed in a word doc), WHERE he looked to
enter, and WHERE the initial forex stop loss was at. These are the setups
that our Swing Trading members get shown constantly. Forex support and
resistance, candlesticks…he covers it all.

This video is one of his best on forex swing trade setups. Check it out!