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His Very First LCT Trade – A 2:1 RR

  • January 19, 2023
  • / By Vic

On January 16th, 2023, I held a webinar where I explained the details of
how we trade the close of the London stock market. This has historically
been a very reliable and highly accurate trade setup, since 2010 when we
first introduced it.

The very next day following the webinar, one of our members took his very
first London Close forex trade, resulting in a 2:1 RR profit. You can view
the trade right here:

A Forex Trading Recipe That Anyone Can Follow

  • December 6, 2021
  • / By Vic

Consistently profitable forex trading. Is that something you truly and
seriously want? If so, the methodology that Darko teaches is easier to
follow than ever before. Why? Because not only does he point out these
trade setups well in advance, but he now provides a trading checklist.

This is a forex trading recipe that anyone can follow, complete with
ingredients! All you need to provide is the ability to follow a recipe.
That means the willingness to learn to trade forex, the patience to wait
for great setups, and the courage to execute the forex trades.

In this video, once again, it’s the same old drill: You’ll hear Darko point
out the trade in is Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) video WAY ahead of time, then
you’ll see the results. I know, pretty boring, but it works.

Are Monthly Forex Charts Helpful for Day Trading?

YES, are they ever! Monthly Forex charts provide extremely valuable
information for day traders…IF you know how to read them properly. In
fact, so valuable that at the beginning of every month, our lead Forex
coach, Darko, does a complete top down analysis on up to 28 currency pairs, on the monthly charts only.

In this video you’ll see just how incredibly powerful higher time frame
analysis is, and how useful it can be for enhanced profitability. I’ll even
play a short clip from Darko’s Monthly analysis video for July and the
value will be readily apparent.