See Darko’s Best Day/Week This Year…

  • March 20, 2020
  • / By Vic

Let me ask you a question: How many forex trading coaches put themselves and their reputation on the line, every single day, by showing trade setups IN ADVANCE, not in hindsight, and record those setups so they can’t be changed? Believe me, you won’t need to make the wrong call very many times before people start heading for the exits.

Darko has been doing this every single day since January 1st, 2018, with
extremely good results. These are all trades that he, himself, takes of

This past week, he had his highest pip count profit this year, and on March
19th, he had his very best single day for 2020. I’ll show you his exact
trades AND his trade management, in this video, right here:

And as promised, trades from earlier this week:

Think about this: these results were achieved in a very volatile
environment, with the stock markets crashing, the coronavirus upon us, etc. All excuses, because what we do works, in any environment.

Many people are off work right now, or working from home. Here’s a thought: instead of binge-watching Netflix, why not join the CC and learn how to trade in a professional manner, using high-odds setups, prudent risk management, and impeccable trade management? All put together with a solid trading plan.