A Powerful Forex Trading Video

If you have 6 minutes to spare, I have 2 things for you in this video that I think you’ll find to be well worth your time: 1) Another awesome trade (all details shown), called WAY in advance of course, and 2) A passionate message from Darko that says it all about our service.

In case you don’t know, I want to tell you how our Coach’s Corner service works.

In the Pre-Market Analysis video that Darko does daily (for ALL members), he does the following:

*       He tells our members what we’re looking to do way in advance
*       He tells them why we’re taking a trade
*       He shows the multiple time frame analysis leading up to the trade
*       He shows exactly what the pattern is that we’re looking for
*       He shows WHERE to enter
*       He shows WHERE to place the stop
*       After entry, we have a trade management protocol that we follow

Folks, anyone can do this IF they have the desire, patience and willingness to learn. It’s not rocket science, but like anything, you do need some time to learn it.

Here’s where you can view this week’s video:

2 Forex Trades: Before & After

In this video, we’ll have a look at our up-to-date Pre-Market Analysis
track record, and I’ll also tell you about a great change Darko has made in
the delivery of the PMA videos. Much better, no matter what style of trader
you are (swing, day or scalp) and…simpler than ever! These PMA videos are available to all CC members of course. Take a look (6 minutes):

I also have 2 “before and after” trades from this past week, both very
short, where you’ll hear Darko call the setup in the PMA video, and then
we’ll look at the aftermath. I love these!
First: AUD/USD Day Trade:

Second: CAD/CHF Swing Trade:

Pattern #4: A Great Short On Oil

In his Pre-Market Analysis videos every day, besides 28 forex pairs, Darko also covers Oil, the S&P 500 and Gold. In today’s video, you’ll see how our setups can work like a charm on other asset classes, in this case: A great short on Oil:

Why Forex Traders Lose?

The reasons why most traders struggle with their forex trading boils down to just a couple of very simple issues, which I discuss in this 4-minute video. Get these 2 things under control, and you are on your way to
consistent profitability. You can view the video here:

A Fast Way to Lose Money

We all want our trades to win, but that’s not the reality of trading. It’s true that due to our strict rules for setups and trade management, we have very few trading losses.

But…what about self-inflicted losses? Those are annoying, but most importantly they are 100% avoidable! And they stem from psychological

Today’s video isn’t about a nice fat win. No. It’s about big fat losses that can be avoided. These kinds of videos are not as popular as the “nice fat win” videos, but if you don’t get the self-inflicted losses under control, consistently profitable trading will remain a dream. Check it out:

A Developing Trader’s Journey

What a GREAT interview I did this past week with Coach’s Corner member Conroy, from the UK, whose trading has turned the corner in a big way.

The returns he has achieved since January this year (2019) totally blew me away. I had no idea that he was doing so well as you’ll hear in this video.

Conroy joined the CC, paid attention to what we teach, listened to the
Pre-Market Analysis videos, and just kept things very simple (he’ll tell
you about his favorite patterns). If you want a good dose of inspiration,
you’ll love this conversation:

Power of Visualization

I want to show you this video in which I visualized the CADJPY trade a few
weeks in advance. This demonstrates the importance of having a rock-solid
trading game plan and to execute your plan with confidence.  Please watch
this video in which I explain the logic for pursuing this quality trade:

Using Patterns To Profit

  • February 22, 2019
  • / By Vic

To illustrate how useful patterns are – and EXACTLY when and
how to trade them – I’ll show you a trade from a few days ago. This trade
was, of course, called way in advance in Darko’s Pre-Market Analysis (PMA)

Naked Charts

  • February 15, 2019
  • / By Vic

I’ll show you a couple of actual trades taken by 2 different Coach’s Corner members. One
was a day trade, the other was a scalp. But I want you to see what our members look at when figuring out a trade,
versus other technical analysis services. It’s quite a shocking difference.

CC Members Are Killing It!

  • February 8, 2019
  • / By Vic

The survey results are in! We received some eye-opening information from the Coach’s Corner members. The number of profitable traders surprised me! And I’ll tell you about it, plus I’ll share with you how we are going to use this survey information in a way that I know is going to be extremely beneficial to our members.