Forex Price Action Analysis for Swing Trading

  • October 14, 2021
  • / By Vic

This week’s video is an absolute knock-out. Darko is now profitable by over
+2000 pips on his forex swing trades for Sept/Oct. These are forex trade
setups that he pointed out to our members WAY in advance.

Obviously we are NOT saying that everyone else will be profitable by that
amount, or even at all. Why? Different reasons: trades not taken
(psychological factors), different forex trade management, lack of focus,

Seriously, there is literally NO excuse why anyone needing a longer-term
forex trading approach would not be able to follow these setups and take on
these trades. In most cases you have days, if not weeks, to put the order
in. No excuses. Period.

Folks, Darko could not be more transparent than he is in this video. He
shows you his forex price action analysis, exactly WHY he took the forex
trades he did (the steps are listed in a word doc), WHERE he looked to
enter, and WHERE the initial forex stop loss was at. These are the setups
that our Swing Trading members get shown constantly. Forex support and
resistance, candlesticks…he covers it all.

This video is one of his best on forex swing trade setups. Check it out!

5 Forex Scalp Trades

We had 5 Forex scalping trades following our scalping webinar (March 24),
all set up according to our rules. So I decided to put together a video of
the 5 trades to show how they set up, as well as to once again illustrate
the frequency of trading opportunities that are available each day.

One of the trades you’ll see was a short taken by a member, on the EUR/GBP.
This is what he posted in our chat room: “Final target hit on EG for 6:1

With forex scalp trades, we take on small pip risk, but have the potential
for comparatively large pip gains.

12 Forex Scalp Trades From The Past 3 Days

In this video, I’m going to show you 12 forex scalp trades from just the
past 3 days. Why are there so many? What has changed? Let me explain…

In the interest of providing a more active forex scalp trading approach for
our members, I have made an adjustment to our entry technique. This has
resulted in far more, high-quality trade setups, and in this video, you’ll
see some great forex trades — and lots of them — over just the past 3

I have also reverted to using a volatility stop, since most of these trades
don’t have a traditional “natural stop” that would make any sense for this
kind of trading. I have used a volatility stop many times in the past, very

Are Monthly Forex Charts Helpful for Day Trading?

YES, are they ever! Monthly Forex charts provide extremely valuable
information for day traders…IF you know how to read them properly. In
fact, so valuable that at the beginning of every month, our lead Forex
coach, Darko, does a complete top down analysis on up to 28 currency pairs, on the monthly charts only.

In this video you’ll see just how incredibly powerful higher time frame
analysis is, and how useful it can be for enhanced profitability. I’ll even
play a short clip from Darko’s Monthly analysis video for July and the
value will be readily apparent.

See Darko’s Best Day/Week This Year…

  • March 20, 2020
  • / By Vic

Let me ask you a question: How many forex trading coaches put themselves and their reputation on the line, every single day, by showing trade setups IN ADVANCE, not in hindsight, and record those setups so they can’t be changed? Believe me, you won’t need to make the wrong call very many times before people start heading for the exits.

Darko has been doing this every single day since January 1st, 2018, with
extremely good results. These are all trades that he, himself, takes of

This past week, he had his highest pip count profit this year, and on March
19th, he had his very best single day for 2020. I’ll show you his exact
trades AND his trade management, in this video, right here:

And as promised, trades from earlier this week:

Think about this: these results were achieved in a very volatile
environment, with the stock markets crashing, the coronavirus upon us, etc. All excuses, because what we do works, in any environment.

Many people are off work right now, or working from home. Here’s a thought: instead of binge-watching Netflix, why not join the CC and learn how to trade in a professional manner, using high-odds setups, prudent risk management, and impeccable trade management? All put together with a solid trading plan.

Forex Trading Strategy & Discipline

Great forex trading strategies alone, whether it’s forex swing trading,
forex day trading or whatever — are not enough to become a consistently
profitable trader. We can talk all we want about how we use forex support
and resistance levels without any technical indicators…so big deal! There
is more to it when it comes to “how to trade the forex”.

In the FX Coach’s Corner service we had a great discussion about the concepts of focused forex trading, discipline, consistency, having a game plan etc.

Most people like to see forex trades and results and charts…but that will not make you profitable. It’s what you do to prepare BEFORE you trade the forex that matters. We hope you find this video helpful:

Long Term Forex Trading

We’ve been making the shift to a longer-term trading approach, and in this
week’s video, I’m going to show you some forex trades that we (our members)
took this past week. Too busy to trade? See what you think of this:


If you’re still not convinced of this approach, then come and see for
yourself. You’re invited to attend our FREE webinar, November 25, 2019 at 3 PM ET (NY time), where we will show you the benefits of longer-term trading and how we set these trades up so you do NOT have to be at your computer much at all!

Register here, and if you can’t attend, register anyway and we’ll send you
the recording:


Why do we trade the Advanced Candle Action Trading (ACAT) approach almost exclusively now, rather than patterns? Is there something wrong with patterns?

Great questions, all answered in this week’s video:

Amazing ACAT Trades

You just won’t believe the ACAT trading week we’ve had. August 13th, 3 trades, 3 winners, August 14th, 10 trades. I’m going to show you a few in this video. And some of the winners have been triple digit pips…taken by our members! Love it.

ACAT trading is a method of trading, using naked charts. NO indicators. You really owe it to yourself to check it out — I think you’ll love the simplicity of it.

I also show the ACAT results spreadsheet near the end of this video and a comment from Darko that speaks volumes about ACAT trading.

You can view this week’s video here:

ACAT Trade On Oil

I’ve often been asked if our forex trading strategies will work on other asset classes, and the answer is yes! And although our primary focus is on the forex markets, Darko also covers Oil, Gold and the S&P 500.

In this week’s video, I’m going to play Darko’s Pre-Market Analysis recording of a great trade setup on Oil, in which our members were notified WAY ahead of the fill, and then we’ll go through the aftermath of this trade.

This outstanding Reward/Risk trade was taken by one of our CC members, and I’ll show you exactly what he did, and why, in this video:

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