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Amazing ACAT Trades

You just won’t believe the ACAT trading week we’ve had. August 13th, 3 trades, 3 winners, August 14th, 10 trades. I’m going to show you a few in this video. And some of the winners have been triple digit pips…taken by our members! Love it.

ACAT trading is a method of trading, using naked charts. NO indicators. You really owe it to yourself to check it out — I think you’ll love the simplicity of it.

I also show the ACAT results spreadsheet near the end of this video and a comment from Darko that speaks volumes about ACAT trading.

You can view this week’s video here:

ACAT Trade On Oil

I’ve often been asked if our forex trading strategies will work on other asset classes, and the answer is yes! And although our primary focus is on the forex markets, Darko also covers Oil, Gold and the S&P 500.

In this week’s video, I’m going to play Darko’s Pre-Market Analysis recording of a great trade setup on Oil, in which our members were notified WAY ahead of the fill, and then we’ll go through the aftermath of this trade.

This outstanding Reward/Risk trade was taken by one of our CC members, and I’ll show you exactly what he did, and why, in this video:

More Trading Opportunities

In last week’s video I talked about Advanced Candle Action Trading (ACAT)
for the Forex, using End of Day candlesticks. Folks, this is something to
pay attention to. This past week, we only had 2 pattern trades, but we had
8 ACAT trades, all winners or break even.

Limit Orders – No Stress

Limit Orders offer Forex traders remendous advantages. I’ll illustrate this with an actual trade example. If you are not sure about using Limit Orders, I hope you find this video enlightening.

How To Scalp Trade the Forex

In this video you’ll see how to trade the forex using a scalp trading
style. One thing that is foundational to ALL of our trading styles is the
proper use of support and resistance levels.

But…the big take-away here is that this was not a trade pointed out in
Darko’s Pre-Market Analysis video! No no no. These members found this trade

ON THEIR OWN, based on what they’ve learned. And THAT is awesomeness! Check it out right here:

A Powerful Forex Trading Video

If you have 6 minutes to spare, I have 2 things for you in this video that I think you’ll find to be well worth your time: 1) Another awesome trade (all details shown), called WAY in advance of course, and 2) A passionate message from Darko that says it all about our service.

In case you don’t know, I want to tell you how our Coach’s Corner service works.

In the Pre-Market Analysis video that Darko does daily (for ALL members), he does the following:

*       He tells our members what we’re looking to do way in advance
*       He tells them why we’re taking a trade
*       He shows the multiple time frame analysis leading up to the trade
*       He shows exactly what the pattern is that we’re looking for
*       He shows WHERE to enter
*       He shows WHERE to place the stop
*       After entry, we have a trade management protocol that we follow

Folks, anyone can do this IF they have the desire, patience and willingness to learn. It’s not rocket science, but like anything, you do need some time to learn it.

Here’s where you can view this week’s video:

2 Forex Trades: Before & After

In this video, we’ll have a look at our up-to-date Pre-Market Analysis
track record, and I’ll also tell you about a great change Darko has made in
the delivery of the PMA videos. Much better, no matter what style of trader
you are (swing, day or scalp) and…simpler than ever! These PMA videos are available to all CC members of course. Take a look (6 minutes):

I also have 2 “before and after” trades from this past week, both very
short, where you’ll hear Darko call the setup in the PMA video, and then
we’ll look at the aftermath. I love these!
First: AUD/USD Day Trade:

Second: CAD/CHF Swing Trade:

Pattern #4: A Great Short On Oil

In his Pre-Market Analysis videos every day, besides 28 forex pairs, Darko also covers Oil, the S&P 500 and Gold. In today’s video, you’ll see how our setups can work like a charm on other asset classes, in this case: A great short on Oil:

Why Forex Traders Lose?

The reasons why most traders struggle with their forex trading boils down to just a couple of very simple issues, which I discuss in this 4-minute video. Get these 2 things under control, and you are on your way to
consistent profitability. You can view the video here:

A Fast Way to Lose Money

We all want our trades to win, but that’s not the reality of trading. It’s true that due to our strict rules for setups and trade management, we have very few trading losses.

But…what about self-inflicted losses? Those are annoying, but most importantly they are 100% avoidable! And they stem from psychological

Today’s video isn’t about a nice fat win. No. It’s about big fat losses that can be avoided. These kinds of videos are not as popular as the “nice fat win” videos, but if you don’t get the self-inflicted losses under control, consistently profitable trading will remain a dream. Check it out: