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Hello Frank. Thanks very much for the fx course you have put together. I have struggled long in the financial market, loosing my hard earned bucks. i have gone thru your MACD course. Its very insightful and educative that is why joined the TTPlus. I always believe that one day i will understand how to trade. I believe I am on the right track. Am beginning to trade profitable on demo which have not done before. Kudos to you.

- Akan

Hi Frank, As a new member, I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed your daily re-cap and Hot Picks video. The service, is well worth what you charge - thank you for all you do.

- Dale A.

Good Evening Frank, Just a quick note to say, "thank you" for all your time and effort in helping a new trader navigate the turbulent waters of the Forex Market. I absolutely enjoy many aspects of trading and believe it will be a powerful skill-set in helping me reach some of my financial and retirement goals in the future. I was listening to your Trade Recap video (USD/CHF) and I couldn't help but feel some of what you were discussing was directly or indirectly related to much of what we've been discussing back and forth via e-mail. So, I thought that was pretty neat and of course thoroughly enjoyed your analysis, as usual. I'm not sure how many people realize the commitment you make in doing these videos/trade recaps, etc. I'm sure it's a huge effort and not an easy one at that. Every time I watch a video, I have my charts open as you start....I stop the video look at my chart....try and figure out what your going to say next and why. Then hit play again, see if my instinct was right, and do that throughout the review. Love it, and it's been very helpful in my education and understanding of the Forex Market. The bottom line is, in my humble opinion...your daily training videos combined with your robust educational modules are simply THE BEST available. Hands down, most comprehensive and insightful Forex education I've found from anything I've seen on the web. Sincerely,

- Dale Ansel

Good Day Frank, Just wanted to share with you my last week; Started TTP last Monday, during the week listen to all videos in the course center, also printed and read TrendTrader Plus PDF user’s guide, listen to all tutorial center. Plus of course trade recap and hot pick. And meditation. For the week total of 7 trades; Thanks for all your great work.

- Stephan

Based on your pre fomc feedback i entered 2 trades during london session long eur usd and short usd jpy and made a decent 150 pips in both by yesterday london time in my demo. Thank you for boosting my confidence. Thankyou for your guidance as always. Kind regards,

- Krishnan

Hi Frank. This is Genry, I have to tell you this, I almost feel sorry for traders without this system. I have come to the point that I finally understand and experience what it means to have an edge. For 1 1/2 months I work a $50K demo account and by the time it was at 135K. I decided it was time to go live. And now, for very first time in my 4 years operating the Market. I can say I have consistent profitability. Thanks a lot for taking the time and dedication to put something like this together.

- Genry

Hi Frank, Been trading the system for 3 weeks today in my $50k demo account now $69k with 60 wins 4 losses. Time to go live. thanks for a great system.

- Godfrey

I purchased at least two of your courses and i must say that i greatly appreciate your methodology and willingness to share with others. One of the things i appreciate most about you is that you are not like some of those money grabbers out their who is so quick to sell you a system for huge bucks. I believe you are a very genuine person who would want to see me or anybody succeed in their Forex Trading career. Thanks again

- Omar

Hi Frank, I am finding TTP valuable to my trading. I've been trading for several years and this fits perfectly into my trading style. I am learning a lot and especially liking your Type 5 entry---it is one of the missing pieces that I have been looking for. Otherwise, everything else I have been going through is excellent and makes a lot of sense. All the best to you,

Joseph H.

I have been using your new trend trader plus for a little over a month and it is excellent I have made several trades of over 100 pips thanks to you. It really is intuitive and with the new screener its going be amazing. It directed me to 140 pips last night. Before the Trend Trader I had a hard time finding and seeing the trades develop now It is so clear. Thanks so much for all your help!

- James

First of all, congrats on the official release of TT Plus. I have been a member of FM off and on since 2013 and have been struggling to find a trading system/strategy that fits me. And thanks to you I think I have found it in which you have my profound gratitude.

- Lewis

Would like to say, that I am very appreciative of the new and improve changes, you and your people are making to the FXM TrendTrader site. The idea of the hot pick of the day, is right on. Great job guys.

- Russ

hi frank, still working on fine tuning my entries with the trend trader system and getting better results over time. yesterday i noticed the market recap section on the site and went over the possible set ups. it was great to see that my fibs were in line with yours so i felt more confident with the system, i placed a trade on the eur jpy short and really nailed it, i know last night the swiss bank dropped its interest rate and that helped alot with the trade i had a 30 pip stop and left the limit open . i woke up this am checked my station and was very shocked to see some 262 pips of profit. i took eur usd trade this morning short with the setup and sweezed out 65 pips also. thank you for your teaching and very clear instruction with this program its really a great way of trading the market!


Thanks so much for the little video about installing the TT indicator and screener. I’m starting to see some successes, but I’m still a chicken pip. More importantly it’s keeping me out of trades that would have stopped me out. Saturday’s video was a real treat in reinforcing my training.

- Marcia

Hey Frank, just wanted to drop you a line to say how happy i am for you at having achieved the fruits of 2 years of labour and finally developing your own trendicator! Ha Ha! you couldnt keep the pride out of your voice in the video if your life depended upon it. and why should you??!! good for you dude! your family must be proud of you as are all the fx traders/students that follow you. i wish u happy trading and best of form in this new phase of your trading career. whenever ur in dubai next do let me know - i will be happy to buy u a drink. warm regards,

- Abbas

Hi Frank,I’ve taken my time going through the course and just completed it. Well, what a masterly and thorough course it is! I’m so impressed and thank you for all the time and thought that has gone into it. It must have taken countless hours. It reminds me a little of reading a really good author – a book becomes an easy read as the author has the skill to achieve that. Well, this course is on a par with that as you’ve explained things so clearly that there is little scope for misunderstanding.

- Josephine

I just wanted to congratulate you for a job well done. The new site looks great and I'm going to take my time and learn the methodology presented in the videos. Take care my fellow Canadian and get some rest.

- Kairas

I am looking forward to spend some time on your system. All along one hears look what the higher time frame is doing. I believe that your method just gives on the simple guidance of where one is.

- Eckbert

Hi Frank, I must congratulate you on a brilliant course expertly presented and very clear to understand... I've now been through the course once and fill confident I understand the methodology due to your clear precise instruction. Thanks again for your excellent programme.

- Larry

…thanks for the month with your course FXMTT and TTPLUS, absolutely love it.

- Ashfaq

Thanks ever so much Frank I really appreciate it. I have a good feeling about trading next year and am quite excited to begin the new year with this awesome system.

- Steve

I like this strategy, even if I am only at the beginning, because of there are good clear and simple parameters to follow and, not last, good tools.

- Alex

Your training course is excellent and well presented. The explanations of the charts are very clear, thorough, and easy to understand.

- Larry

Hi Frank, l have been having a swell time going through the content of your course. I must confess that l've found it difficult not to just take it and run with it. l believe my impatience is one of the things that has contributed to my below par performance in this business. I must say that l appreciate you being as honest as possible in your trade recaps. lt is so easy to see how a trade has worked out after the fact. But when you go through these trades with a commentary of your feelings at the live edge of the market,it makes it all the more realistic and believable.

- Yusrah

I took fib from a modest swing high after 4 hour sideways action and took type 2 entry the 61.8% for 145 pips ATR. I guess the fibs are there ...if you choose them?

- Godfrey

Yesterday made up for everything on the AUDJPY - fantastic run down of just under 160 pips from 13.10 to 20,00 GMT. TT behaved perfectly and even made re-entry easy after small pullbacks to get a few extra!Wonderful product you have achieved.

- Alan

Having watched the video I am very impressed with your new indicator – well done to you! I can see that by drilling down to lower time frames my stop loss could be significantly reduced. I really do commend you for your very thorough approach and excellent comprehensive service. Kind regards.

- Jo

Thanks again for the brilliant 10/12 EMA TT video today. It is really shaping out nicely and I am getting increasingly excited about it. You have reduced the tedious and manual task of tracking multi-timeframe and currencies into the TTHisto and the 2 Screeners, respectively. I see this as another powerful and complete strategy to have in your arsenal. The videos that you are compiling already seems to be a developing course in itself. I love it – it’s coming together nicely. I am a ProRealTime user so when you are ready could you please send me through the ProRealTime scripts for the TTHisto and the 2 screeners. Thank you.

- Ronald

Dear Frank, Firstly just a big thank you for all your efforts - I have been trading for nearly a year now but only joined your FXM trend trader service very recently. I can safely say your Market flow reports have transformed not only my results but the way I view the market and the recent developments regarding the 10/12 EMA configurations have just taken that one step further. I have just switched over to the pro-realtime software from MT4 and am finding it really useful also I would therefore be grateful as per your videos so far this week if you could let me have the coding for the screener and let me know how to apply it within pro-realtime please? Once this is up and running I am also more than happy to provide you with results from its use combined with the TT histogram if you feel it would benefit you or the members? Big thanks once again, look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards

- Scott

Dear Frank, Just a quick word to say thank you very much for making available the TThisto indicator for marketscope 2. It's a real help as I use marketscope all the time. The course is excellent. the back up is great as well. Best regards,

- Bob W.

Testimonials for FXM TrendTrader (Predecessor)

Hi Frank, As a subscriber to your service, each and every trading day is packed with much analysis and dedication to providing all details necessary for high probability trend trading. There is no ''fluff stuff'' with your system of methodology nor is there cheap filler such as talking about what other traders do. I love the TT "SYSTEM" for its consistent approach to the markets and appreciate all your hard work and effort that you put into it on a daily basis. I most definitely get my moneys worth and then some from your mentoring service. Sincerely,

- Joy

Dear Frank, Firstly just a big thank you for all your efforts - I have been trading for nearly a year now but only joined your TrendTrader Plus service very recently. I can safely say your Market flow reports have transformed not only my results but the way I view the market and the recent developments regarding the 10/12 EMA configurations have just taken that one step further....Big thanks once again, Kind Regards

- Scott

I am now reviewing last 2 weeks “Daily Recap” and working through my trade entry points as a way of back testing to see how I might have fared. I am really encouraged by what I have already back tested today. I really like your clear approach to forming the big picture first, i.e. market flow, waiting for corrective top/bottom to complete at confluent level, and then aligning 3M for the trend continuation leg – just makes good sense. Thank you once again for this great course. Best regards,

- Ronald

Just one word about the new FXMTT: absolutely BRILLIANT. I particularly love the mix of automation and discretionary analysis, using respectively computers and brains at what they are good at makes perfect sense. I really love the "shoot and forget" possibilty the EA gives, keeping the mental energy for market flow analysis and delegating the trade management to the EA is IMHO an excellent trading methodology which fits my personality very well. Again a big bravo and thanks a lot!

- G.

Hi Frank, Just a quick message to acknowledge all the incredible effort you and the Forexmentor team must have put into this newly released strategy – FXMTT. Outstanding! I am so excited by the opportunity, but have not yet made any trades because I want to understand the risks a little more clearly. The package you and the team have presented to us is an amazing assembly of technology, common sense, recognition of time frame trading approaches and technical analysis. I do not think anything like this has been offered to the public before. At least I have not seen it in my 8-year search for a rational approach to trading. That search is officially at an end now – I am one of your permanent members, as far as I am concerned. Try to take some time out for family and recreation too. Life is not all about work. have some faith that we out here will understand that, and not feel “let down” if you take a break. Kind regards and best wishes and gratitude.

- Ivan

I bought FXMTT 2 days ago. I've been trading forex for almost 5 years and my account likes a roller coaster because I've not found a suitable trading system that matched my trading profile. It's been a long time seaching for a simple trading system and at last when I watched all your FXMTT video, I found that this system's the best for myself, because it's just suit my trading style and because you've made very clear for all targets for scalp, daily, swing and position trades with one stop 20 pips with a simple 3M scanning and market flow. That's brilliant. Just to share with you my lovely trade today EURJPY, It's been qualified the 3M scanning with downtrend bias, when I analysed the market flow, it formed a triangle and FXMTT gave a short signal when it broke the the triangle and made a small retracement before slump down again. I'm really happy I could catch the small retracement using your FXMTT. I took 2 trades, 1 scalp trade with 30 pips that had been closed out. the other 1 is daily trade that's still open and moved stop loss to BE. Based on my Money Management 2%, I could only trade 2 mini lots with 20 pips stop loss each trade, so I just took that 2 trades. What a brilliant system.. I really love that... You could see my charts with triangle pattern in H1 and my trigger screen in M5 (it's also passed the M1 chart but I didn't attached it in this email). Great Job Frank... Two thumbs up..!!!

- Janto

Hi Frank, I got FXM TrendTrader on Monday just after it was released. We had a slow day at work, yesterday, so I dilligently applied myself, and worked through all of the course material. Man, this is an impressive piece of work! I have seen quite a number of systems over the last several years, and I can easily say that this is the best that I have ever seen. It is so much more complete than anything else I've seen. I especially like your Momentum Matrix and Daily Recap. You know, it is only since going through this course material that I finally got how important Market Flow and Market Structure is. I have been relying much too heavily on multi-timeframe momentum alignment. Now I plan to get you to teach me how to do it properly. ...Frank, this is a GREAT system, but I think that it is even better as an ongoing Educational Resourse. I'm happy (and relived )to say that I believe I have bought my last trading system. I'm going to settle down here and learn everything I need to to become, at long last, a successful trader in my own right. I can't Thank you enough for putting together such a comprehensive resource for prospective traders like myself. Wishing you and yours all the very best,

- Brande

Hi Frank, I love the Momentum Matrix. That is sure the kind of thing that could save me a lot of time. Actually, I took some trades this week after a quick glance at the trend analysis. And, I have made over 150 pips this week... using the Momentum Matrix as my first cue or using it to confirm what I thought I was already seeing. I trade using MT4 and also using the FXCM TradeStation Platform. Also, I trade from a notebook so I do not have multiple monitors. It is a real cumbersome process to go through "ALL" the charts and do trend analysis so I have missed a lot of opportunities in the past. Great job on the course presentation. And your daily trade recap videos are also good. I will have to spend some time in the course videos to really nail down the entry and exit methods but I can see, after my first time through, that those methods are very learn-able for me. No doubt, I can show you some records which show some periods of trading that might make one think I am the best trader in the world. Yet, I have enough losing streaks that I can never really size up and get some of the bigger gains. So I have remained a "one lot trader" for the most part. Hopefully, the use of the Momentum Matrix will get me to three or four lots at a time and then scale out of those lots as you mentioned in your course. Leaving a lot on for the big move is something I need to start doing. But, before taking on three and four lots at a time, a trader needs to have some confidence in the trend analysis. Hopefully, the Momentum Matrix will get me down the road on that part.


Hi Frank, A big thank you for all the work you and your MT4 coder have put into FXM TT. Previously I had been a FST subscriber, but find the FXM TT to be a huge leap forward in simplicity and clarity of your presentations. I have recommended FXM TT to several of my trading buddies, which I would not have done if not totally confident in the product.

- Monty

Thank you Frank for FXM TrendTrader. I'm finally learning and understanding this very complicated market.

- Robert

I'd have to agree with many of the other reviewers and offer my congratulations for such a comprehensive method. Truly covering about all needed resources to enable followers every opportunity to be successful.

- Darryl

Hi Frank, I am new to the FXM Trend Trader program and so far I am really impressed. I have been viewing your free videos off and on for about a year. Been trying to trade this stuff since 2005.

- Lee

Loved today's video - again! Made over 200 pips yesterday using some of your latest techniques with your daily chart updates. Moved stops to breakeven and set some larger exits on pivots and woke up (Aussie time) to some very nice profit! Awesome stuff you are showing us at present!

- Greg

Frank, just a quick thanks. The EUR/NZD review/preview was a very worthwhile piece of work. The Momentum Matrix has made my trading days much easier. Just that is worth the price of admission to the FXM service.

- David

Just to let you know that using the EA yesterday - Thursday I recouped all my losses over the past few weeks :-$ On only two EA entered trades AUD CHF and AUD JPY all be it with some subjective exit / profit taking also covered a couple of subjective trades which hit initial SL..Have now closed out last open position in the run up to NFP announcement..Regards, a very happy camper :-)

- Monty

Hi Frank, You have done a fantastic job with the new and revised TTPlus website. The tutorial is very well structured and articulated, and very easy to understand and follow. I love the new Hot Picks video as it really helps drive the point home by directing our attention to important factors in anticipation of an opportunity. BTW, I also love using the TTHisto on my other strategies as well and am continuing to do very well with them. Thank you for your great work. Cheers,

- Ronald

Hi Frank, Just wanted to wish you a great holiday, & to say how much I have been getting from your analysis in both the COT analysis & the 3M trader. This is my first month, & I've already covered the cost of my subscription, trading short EUR/AUD (a pair I've never looked at previously).... and I'm only trading mostly microlots (though several at a time in one account). The format is a big improvement on your earlier COT/EW & the Fib swing trader (which I liked but could never catch the signals). I like that you come out with a clear indication of up, down or neutral, & both give useful analyses for any time frame of trading (I don't have the nerve or the pockets for position trading!)I'm even thinking of cancelling my subscription to EWI (lol) which is mostly tiresomely non-committal (the short-term update) or otherwise not really useful for real trading signals (their super-expensive specialty services, which I've tried from time to time). All the best, & looking forward to updates resuming in a week.

- Mara

Hello sir, i just want to share my testimony with you. This is the first time in my trading career that i will trade with confidence, i have made more than 700 pips this week after going through FXM TrendTrader Course. Now i believe that Knowledge is Power. I used to make money and give it back to the market chasing more pips but after going through your teachings, am well informed and make better decisions. Still learning at the "learning center" till my subscription expires. i love the momentum matrix but mostly miss its signal due to my schedule. i believe with this training i can move my trading to the next level. Am trading 0.01 lot size, so the ea is a no go area for me although i have read the pdf. Once again, am very grateful for everything you have done for me, God bless you more.

- Toyin

Hi again Frank. Just finished going through the course for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. You really do have an approach that hits the spot! I have been trading occasionally for the last couple of weeks in a demo account, one week was holiday with virtually no internet access and therefore no trading. Despite this, using ProRealTime's demo account with $100,000, I'm up a thousand!

- Richard

Hi Frank, I am enjoying working with the TrendTrader Plus method. A really great system. Regards,

- Graham

Hello Frank, I am new member to the TrendTrader Plus program and already it has proven to be very helpful, so i wanted to thank you for that. Also I have a question about which time zone I should be using for prorealtime. The reason I ask is because using the right time zone is imperative to calculate the right ADR for each new trading session. Thanks for your assistance.

- Paris

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