What Is Included In The TrendTrader Plus Membership Package?

We’ve created our membership package with simplicity and affordability in mind. Your first month membership plus enrolment fee of USD $149 will provide you access to all components of the member’s site including Course Center, Tutorial Center, Market Screener, Trade Recap Videos, Webinars, Performance Tracking, Hot Picks Page, and Other Resources (including downloadable chart tools and screener scripts for the MT4 and ProRealTime platforms).

On the anniversary of your first month of initial course/service purchase, your membership will renew at a reduced rate of USD $99/month unless you choose to cancel prior to your anniversary date (which you can do by sending an email request to Forexmentor Member Services here). Unless you request otherwise, which you are free to do at any time, your membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis at the same reduced rate for your convenience. Once you have been a continuing member for at least one monthly renewal, you are protected for life from any price increases which Forexmentor may announce at any time.

The following valuable resources are included in your initial and renewing monthly membership to TrendTrader Plus:

  • COURSE CENTER: All six modules of our online video-based TrendTrader Plus Foundation Course are provided here, in one convenient portal. Start here for a complete and detailed overview of how to set up your chart template, how to understand and use the TTHisto indicator in top-down fashion, and all aspects of the trade execution process specific to this methodology.
  • TUTORIAL CENTER: Each month, we post a new supplemental educational module which is designed to expand upon, amplify, or examine more closely a specifically detailed topic of interest either directly referenced by the Foundation Course, or of incidental interest. These supplemental modules will deepen your understanding of the TTPlus method and accentuate your membership experience.
  • MARKET SCREENER: This page provide real-time updated readings of the TTHisto indicator on all five of the core timeframes (Daily, 4hr, 60m, 15m and 5m), using a FXCM data feed. The convenient and easy-to-read grid layout indicates the anchor trend reading (if there is one), and whether a “PRE” or “POST” screen status is detected (identifying which specific intraday timeframe is counter-trend). In conjunction with your own charts, this real-time resource can be used at all time as a trade entry and management tool.
  • TRADE RECAP VIDEOS: On a daily basis, host and developer Frank Paul will post a new trade recap video which runs through a recent example of a trade opportunity identified by the TTPlus methodology, for the purpose of deepening your understanding of the concept with real-world resources, and for augmenting the performance tracking resources.
  • PERFORMANCE TRACKING: We will provide several different performance tracking resources which allow you to assess the kind of profit potential this method provides, from system develop Frank Paul’s own daily personal trading (presented not only in standard Excel spreadsheet format, but also via broker activity reports and live account Third Party validation provided by a MyFXBook.com account).
  • WEBINARS: On approximately a monthly basis, we will host live webinars for the Forexmentor community. These sessions will be archived and posted for ongoing reference. If you have any comment or question, chances are you can find some discussion that will address your needs from within this archival resource.
  • HOT PICKS: On a daily basis, Frank will post one annotated chart for one currency pair which represents a suggested “hot pick” – a currency pair of special interest that seems to convey the potential for a high-probability trend trading setup within the coming 1-2 days or longer. You can use this information to help prioritize your market watching activities.
  • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: In this section, we provide links for downloadable files such the TTHisto indicator for the MT4 and ProRealTime charting platforms (and any others that will be added over time), coding for the market screener tool for ProRealTime platform – and more! In addition, you can download the Flash PDF User’s Guide from this page, which provides a type-written supplement to the video course.

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