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"To all new mew members: You have heard it from Darko and from Vic. I thought hearing it from a fellow member may help to eliminate any trace of doubt. I am a card carrying, dues paying, member of Coaches Corner and have been since even before Darko joined. There are three things you must have to be a successful trader: a great trading system; excellent money management; and an abundance of patience. Darko has developed the absolutely best trading system, the Advanced Candle Action Trading-ACAT-system. He has also provided for us clear cut rules for determining the significant levels of S/R and clear-cut rules for determining market flow. When you have mastered the basics and the ACAT system, you have also been provided with the tools to recognize the occasional “juicy” price action trade. Not to be outdone by Darko, Vic has provided the best money management system. All of this information is available to us on the web site. Patience is something we all have to develop on our own. There are few absolutes in this world but there is one in trading: “I need to have a trade on equals certain failure.” This is the reason I am writing this. There are no better trading systems and there are no better trading coaches than the ones we have here. There will be days when no valid trades set up. Be patient. Study the materials. Ask questions. You will succeed.” - Bob H.

"GM all. ACAT and AMF has revolutionized my way of understanding the forex market. It is so simple, yet effective. Now, for the first time in years I can really see myself becoming a successful trader. Darko and @Vic Noble are the two guys responsible for keeping my dream alive when I wanted to quit. Through this journey I have learned the following: 1. Plan your trades and trade your plan 2. Never stop working on yourself. 3. Don't take iffy trades. If your hand bothers you, sit on it. 4. You will have good setups that become losing trades. Learn to accept it and move on." - Charl

"Hi, I wanted to leave a compliment for Darko. I have been subscribed to the coaches corner for a few months now and I just wanted to write in an say that it has helped my trading phenomenally. The PMA videos and bonus videos have been excellent for my understanding of the market. The hardwork that is put into these videos is evident and I just wanted to to personally thank Darko for his effort. I look forward to learning more over the coming months and years from the coaches corner. If you could pass on this to him it would be excellent. Warm Regards" - Josh

"Wow Darko I hardly know how to respond to this last reply. Thank you for again encouraging me to take full advantage of all the services you guys are offering us struggling traders. I am so amazed and grateful for the way both you and Vic give so sacrificially of yourselves to help us progress to new heights of expertise in our trading. With both of you at my back, teaching, encouraging and pushing me on, there is just no way I can possibly do anything else other than succeed and so yes, I truly believe that this is going to be the year that I will come into my own in trading and in so doing will make you two proud. I certainly won't be able to do it without you. And so here I am linking hands with you guys and ready to take the plunge. This might be a wild ride!!!☺ Thank you again Darko and God Bless you. " - Ken

"Hello Vic! I’m a returning member to the coach’s corner. I have to say Darko is the best trading coach I’ve seen in my trading career (besides you of course:)). The way he teaches us his trading system without any confusion, and objectivity is unbelievable! This is exactly what i was searching for, a rule based and almost 100 % objective trading education, which all of my previous courses were missing. Since 4 years I’m struggling to become a profitable trader, blew 2 times my account, and I invested a lot of money in my education, had a lot of courses and coaches. I almost gave up, but thank God I gave cc a try again. The progress I made in the past 3 days, is more than I made in the 4 years ago. Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge with us, anywhere else this information would be nearly unaffordable for the most of us. Btw Sorry for my english, I gave my best to express myself. Best regards" - Faisal

"Hello Vic, I have been very impressed with Coaches Corner and it has helped me immensely with my trading. Your service is still the best out there…clean and honest…and very worthwhile price-wise. Regards," - B. Patel

"Hi Vic, Let me say that being part of CC is wonderful and being a part of something that is special to me was and is because of the people at CC like yourself and everyone else at Forexmentor! Thank you for that! God's blessing to you and your family. P.S. Thank you and the CC family for being so friendly and such a rich resource!" -Kyle Rickman

"To Darko and Vic, First, I want to thank you for your efforts in making us better traders. I'm one of those who has tried everything over the last 12 years and the CC provides more value than everything else put together. I see that you have no need in giving all you do, but you do it anyway. Thank you again. Cheers" -Alex S.

"Hi Darko, I'm a long time "off and on" member of the CC. I just re-joined again a couple of days ago after listening to one of your PMA sessions that was attached to an email from Vic. I knew instantly after listening to your presentation, that I could gain a lot of valuable ways to see the market by looking for the various patterns that you use in your trading. As a matter of fact, I took my first trade on the AUD/USD last night with a successful take profit. Thank you. Thanks again,", - David B., Redlands, CA

"Hi Darko, Just like to say that I've just listened to today's PMA and once again, it is like gold for me. I definitely feel my trading is developing in leaps and bounds (despite being down in the two trades AUD/USD,USD/CAD!). I'm seeing these patterns more clearly now, and developing a repeatable process. I've also back-tested three pairs for an entire year twice, and that has instilled confidence in the system! As you must know, that was extremely time-consuming, but worth every minute. Wishing you a great day. All the best, " - Leo

"Good Morning Darko, Since you have been Coaching, I have felt your enthusiasm, your desire to better yourself and help others, and your slightly different perception about pattern trading. Your style of trading is crystal clear for me. The Objective style is perfect and I feel hope again. I'm finding myself enjoying trading for the first time in a long time. I have purpose when I open my charts and no confusion. I still need to continue backtesting and practice, and am looking forward to next Monday's class on backtesting. There are no words to fully tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to share your success and your trading style with me, with the CC. I look forward to you becoming the Best Pattern Trader in the World! I know you are busy, busy, with all that you are contributing.....Please do not feel you need to answer this email. Thanks Darko. Much appreciation," - Kathy K.

"Hi Darko, Your training is invaluable and I am absolutely loving your PMA videos!!! Best Regards," - Matt Grassa

"Dear Vic..You may not know this but you are one of the best coaches out inthe market. I really appreciate your honesty and integrity. I am a big fan of yours, Regards." - Noel D.

"Thank you….thank you ….thank you so much for your excellent trading course and past guidance you gave me. I purchased your course this past weekend and went thru it to refresh my previous lessons from you. Well this morning I pulled 83 pips out of 3 pairs and felt very comfortable doing it. You're amazing Vic and I have to say out of all mentors I have had (trust me I can count at least 10 or more) and spent tons of moola, your simply the best around. Your system is consistent, profitable and easy to follow. I have used it in the past but not a whole heck of a lot because I work full time and I wasn’t clear on a couple of things. I traded today because I have Mondays off but with some new insight from your course and a new found confidence I will keep you posted on my future progress. Thanks again Vic and take care." - Bob Meinecke, Sun City West, AZ

"Hi Vic, Just a note, love the pre market analysis videos. Just so good for me. Really. Thanks," -Andrew

"Hi Vic, I knew immediately after our first coaching session that I would come back for more at the right time, that is, after I had worked on my inner demons and had more time and money. You created and introduced a new course based on your core concepts during this time just when I was ready to move to the next step. I have been incredibly fortunate to have come in touch with you for the training session and your new course. It has been an amazing experience after all those years of dedication to learning and trying to make the pieces come together. You have solidified this for me. I can only describe your new course as a masterpiece for new, advanced and struggling traders. It is so well organized, clear and comprehensive in integrating the foundation and key concepts on which trading is based. It also provides a simple, realistic and practical approach to trading the forex market. This course is the best quality and value of all the training and courses that I have taken over the years. The only regret is that this course was unavailable in the past. On the other hand, it has allowed me to better appreciate the quality of this course and recognize the commitment that you have made to make all of us better and successful traders. Congratulations and I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Best regards" -Norman L.

"Hello Darko. Your PMA videos are great since you patiently demonstrate all the analysis you go through per your foundation teachings, in a concise session. If one needs more details on those analysis steps, one can always go to CC Archive or Resources section on website. Thank you." -Sayeed

"Dear Vic and Darko, The PMA is INSANE!! This is like having the opportunity to sit next to a professional, profitable trader and see what he does every day and how he analyses the market. Darko please continue to be a “broken record”. It is music to my ears!! I am absolutely loving this way of coaching. Thank you so much guys, words cannot express my gratitude at your high quality, professional and dedicated fx education and coaching that you providem.I am eternally grateful. Yours truly," -G. McGregor, Wellington, New Zealand

"Vic, You guys are providing amazing value not only for the time and dedication you put in every week, but also providing a sense of trust since as a customer I feel you are committed for the long haul and can always be contacted for support. Thanks," -Sayeed

"Hi Darko, Dwight here from Corfu. I just wanna say thank you for your incredible enthusiasm and for your videos today. It is so much better this way when we see it all in advance and not hind sight. Have a smashing day and hope you ate the pips....:) Cheers," -Dwight

"Hi Vic & Darko, Hope you are both well. I would just like to thank you both for all the work that goes into these invaluable CC sessions and the Darko PMA is absolutely brilliant and totally appreciated. It reinforces what is being taught. Also Vic thanks for the email regarding the CC sessions that will be on Mondays only after January I think this is a good idea now that we have the PMA videos. Many thanks to you both and hope to be back in the live sessions soon as possible. Regards," -Tony Standering

"Hi Vic and Darko, the PMA is brilliant! Darko your consistency on mindset is so valuable to me! I am finding myself picking up on the attitude of trading as the primary focus. As an example, in this morning’s recording, you verified my suspicion that there was no trade on the EURUSD (right now the pair I watch). Until I heard you say it Darko, I was quite insecure with my analysis. Your proof of not forcing or trying to make a trade, just because price hit a level of S/R, reinforces my mindset. The consistent reminder of Trading only when I see a pattern set up is a great step forward for me and calms my nerves! Also, sitting on my hands, well, the bottom line is it will save my account! I truly appreciate you both and your dedication to the CC! See you soon!" -Jody

"Hi Vic, I am loving the new direction, since Oct. 9 of the CC! Wow, what a great idea partnering up with the Darkinator, my nickname for this awesome, over the top inspired trader!!! His enthusiasm and objectivity and clarity coupled with your continued steadfast pattern approach is...well, I lack the words to describe my overall happiness with this unfolding. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!! Thanks so very, very much." -Kathy

"Vic, I wanted to send you an email commending you and Darko on the quality and relevance of the CC at the present time. My journey is not too dissimilar to many novices traders. I thought I was going to make a MILLION $$$'s in a few months after attending a weekend FX education course back in 2008. Three lost accounts later and after trading every available set up (for two weeks at a time) I decided to get serious about it a few years back. I have built and built my understanding and after 10,000 hours in front of the Charts I am in a good place and I am now trading full-time as a living. And yet despite this I am still devoting a few hours every day to education and mind development. This process is never ending. The market structure Darko is providing; coupled with higher time-frame S&R and then pattern trading in alignment with these two facets is simply outstanding. The best in the market in my humble view. I hope and trust that Darko is a CC coach for many moons to come and I am gaining wonderful insight from him and I would be pleased if you would pass this email to him. For $100.00 a month for this service it is the best educational resource in the FX market by far! Best Regards," -Rob Moffitt

"Hi Vic! I just want to give praise to your new PMA service. Anyone who wants to learn the art of trading will benefit greatly from Darko’s PMA. If you are tired of listening to strategy propaganda based solely on past performance, this is the stuff. To be able to watch Darko spotting, planning and executing trades in a live situation is invaluable. And to watch Darko spotting his entry levels with surgical precision is nothing short of amazing. Keep up the good work Dr. Darko! " -John Westberg

"Hi Vic, Thanks for your quick reply. I’m really starting to see the patterns jump out at me after a few initial hiccups haha. I watched the CC session on price action this morning. Wow it was fantastic I felt the “ping” moment happen and the lightbulb come on. I’ll be printing the patterns once I’m home in the morning after I’ve had a kip. It’s all starting the fall into place. I can’t begin to explain how it feels, everything makes complete sense to me now. Both you and Darko have made a significant dent in my learning and I’ve only been a member since December. And if you can do that in such a short time I can only imagine what the rest of the year holds. Please pass my thanks on to Darko when you next speak to him. Enjoy your weekend" -James

"Darko, I really like the PMA videos. They are helping me see what you are seeing. Look forward to see you in Coach's Corner Monday. Thank you for such great videos. Hope you are getting time with wife, kids and dog." -Jody

"Hi Darko, Woohoo...!!!! Thanks I'm really happy I got it right. It was another light bulb moment after re-watching the CC session from 9 October 2017. One of the most important sessions on support/resistance and the AMF in my opinion. Everything is slowly falling into place and its down to you, Vic and the fantastic sessions in the CC. Best Regards" -James

"Hi Darko, Your training is invaluable and I am absolutely loving your PMA videos!!! Best Regards," -Matt Grassa

"Hi Darko, After so many years of struggle, like you, I am finally starting to see the light of day with the help of your coaching. You've answered many questions that I never knew I had and that is making such a difference in understanding the forex markets. Thank you for what you're doing for all of us in the Coaches Corner. I just want to personally thank you for all your hard work and dedication you're putting into the Coaches Corner. I was almost ready to pack it in again after many years of struggle and with your story of personal experiences and dedication to help struggling traders, I believe with your coaching and a lot of hard work on my part, I can finally become a successful and more comfortable trader. Keep up the good work, and don't over do it. Maintaining personal health and mental health is all part of being a good trader, coach, husband, father and law enforcer. That's my little piece of advice from the peanut gallery, lol. Thanks much," -Art K.

"Hi Vic, Hope all is well and welcome back. The CC needs you to be around to keep us in line and to give us your many words of wisdom, lol. I would be more than glad to contribute my comments for testimonials to the CC as Darko has truly earned recognition for his dedication and massive work that he is doing for all the members. His explanation of developing trade setups on the hard right edge as they unfold has greatly helped me to understand the language of the market. Learning this process to find and uncover these setups as they unfold is like turning a light on in the tunnel. Now I can move around without banging my head as much, it's like having GPS in the markets, lol. Anyway, it's all good stuff and look forward to learning more of this. Thanks much and keep up the good work," -Art K.

"Dear Darko, I thank and congratulate you for superb course presentations. After years of almost getting the hang of trading, I am able to see a much clearer picture of where I need to improve and what I keep on missing. Kind regards" -Steyn

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