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Why Upgrade to CC Premium?

We have a diverse group of traders in our Coach’s Corner service. Typically, for new traders, or for those who are struggling or overwhelmed, we suggest they join our “CC Basic” service and that they follow the daily Pre-Market Analysis videos that Darko produces. This is a highly effective way to learn, while at the same time going through the videos in the “New Member Quick Start Guide”, found on the CC member’s home page.

However we also have many other traders who are more experienced and are at a stage in their trading development where they have become very focused, disciplined and patient. These traders have a solid trading plan that they stick to…every single day. No more jumping around from one approach to another.

Typically, traders in this category are versant at reading S/R, candlestick formations etc, and they use price action setups (usually our Advanced Candle Action Trade – ACAT – setups) for finding trading opportunities.

To accommodate these kinds of traders, we have our “Live Chat Lounge”, where members can interact with other like-minded traders, and get instant access to our coaches with any questions they have through the active trading session. Sometimes trades set up on an intra-day basis (day trades or scalping opportunities), and Premium Service members will have immediate access to that information.

The CC Premium Service has turned out to be a huge success in seeing members becoming consistently profitable, and tailor-made for traders as described above.

Unsolicited Testmonial about CC Premium

“July is by far my best month. I made 329 average pips on swingtrading only one pattern (h&s). All thanks to you guys Darko Vic Noble” - J.F.

"Hello Vic and Darko, I have been really impressed with you and Darko’s ability to: #1: find the trades on 20+ pairs on the trial Premium Service before the trading session #2, simplify the PMA’s that are most important and eliminate Position Trading #3: provide short videos to describe the potential trades #4 use Twitter to provide updates (I am new to Twitter), So therefore I wish to subscribe to the monthly Premium Service. I am in the PMA service already. I must tell you and Darko that since 2008 I had no idea what I was doing in Forex but knew there must be a way to trade successfully. I had tried many, services…. and read many books. So far in three weeks I am positive in PIP’s which has never happened in 8 years. I have a long way to go but you guys are doing it right and I thank you both. I am learning to recognize the patterns in a very logical and down to earth manner. The biggest awakening for me was the time frame references with Support and Resistance levels." - Blake G., Palm Springs, CA

"Hi Vic, Being alerted when we are at the high quality S/R levels on the additional pairs is most helpful. As price establishes on one side of the level, I am able to trade the price action. So far, this has helped me as much as the potential pattern setups. Thanks," - K.C.

“Vic Noble /Darko I'm not big on buttering people up, but I will say this (and you can quote me)... I have not come accross anybody in all my studies as well as in my work life that is as detailed, dedicated and honest as what you guys provide in this service. If I could have this quality in other spheres of my education it would be difficult to imagine the heights one could achieve..” - Steyn (South Africa)

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