Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In a nutshell, can you tell me what is Coach's Corner Service is all about?
A: It is an interactive training service designed to help Forex traders to attain Forex trading mastery via DAILY Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) videos, along with interaction with mentors and other traders..
Q: How long have you been training Forex traders?
A: Since 2006. We have coached thousands of aspiring Forex traders.
Q: What is CC Premium?
A: The CC Premium membership is available for our more active members, and for those wanting to achieve consistent profitability in the shortest time possible. CC Premium members enjoy exclusive access to a live, 24/7 “Live Chat Lounge”. The Chat Lounge has proven itself to be incredibly valuable for our members, where they can interact with other experienced traders and coaches, and get instant answers to questions via text, screenshots, or even mini-videos at times.
Q: How many currency pairs do you cover?
A: We cover 28 currency pairs and produce videos of setups daily to help you quickly identify tradeable opportunities. CC Premium members also have access to our powerful 24/7 Live Chat Lounge, where they can participate in a "real time" trading environment with other traders
Q: Do you have any results of your analysis?
A: Please see a sample of our results here.
Q: How is this service different from others?
A: We identify trade setups way in ADVANCE! NO HINDSIGHT! Everything is recorded, so these results cannot be faked. Most other services show what “could have happened”. That is pretty much useless. We use these trades setups to teach out members "how to fish".
Q: How do you notify members when new videos are available?
A: Please follow us at @fxcoachscorner on twitter to receive update notifications. Premium members will get notified via Live as well.
Q: How many setup analysis videos can we expect on a typical trading day?
A: There is one Pre-Market Analysis video produced each day and posted to the CC members site before the London Open. Also, there is usually a second “NY Session PMA” posted at the start of the NY session. These videos are available to ALL CC members. All members will also have access to Bonus videos that are occasionally posted.
Q: Can you tell me what hours of the day trade setups are uploaded?
A: Darko posts the Pre-Market Analysis video before the London open. A second “NY Session” video is usually posted around the start of the NY session.