Why Price Action Reading Is The Most Important Forex Trading Skill?

The proper interpretation of a clean price chart is simply the most important skill a trader needs to master in order to make the right trading decisions consistently. Too many traders never learn to read price charts, but instead become overly dependent on lagging technical indicators. You don’t need any indicators. 

Without Price Action Reading Skills, Traders Are Disadvantaged!

When a professional trader studies price movements, he understands that market sentiments, economic data, global news, earnings, etc. are all reflected in the price action (how the price moves). By analyzing the swing highs and lows, trends and support & resistance levels, he can quickly determine his preferred trading bias.

All this may sound easy and basic but this type of price analysis takes time to master.

Darko Ali - A Highly Respected Price Action Reading Expert!

Although Darko’s focus is swing trading and position trading, he is passionate about teaching you the A-Z of pure price action reading…no matter what style of trader you are. Watch this brief video introduction on pure price reading from Darko…

Hello, my name is Vic Noble. I am the founder of our Coach’s Corner forex training service, which started in 2006 at Together with our lead coach Darko Ali, we would like to welcome you to our Forex trading community. (you can read about our history and background in the sidebar)

Why Is Knowing How To Read Price Action Important?


Reading pure price action is a foundational skill for uncovering probable price movement in the future. Together with support & resistance levels, trend identification, candlestick reading and other critical skills, professional traders can make high probability trading decisions under varying market conditions.


This is our focus at Coach’s Corner. We teach and mentor traders the skill of pure price action reading. Whether you are a short-term or longer-term trader, this is the skill that will separate you from 95% of the retail traders, and give you the consistency you need in order to excel in the trading game!

Darko Ali is an expert in price action trading. He trades with NO indicators at key levels under specific, objective conditions. His primary focus is on longer term trades (swing/position trading). He publishes Pre-market Analysis videos to show trade setups in advance so traders can participate in these powerful moves.  Vic Noble founded Coach's Corner in 2006 and since then has coached thousands of Forex traders worldwide. Vic teaches aspiring Forex traders simple and objective forex patterns that can be understood easily and implemented. Vic's primary focus is short-term trading. Perfect for those who want a more active style of trading.

Learn Price Action Reading on Longer Timeframes

If you are new to price action reading, you will likely find short-term price action to be erratic and “noisy”. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend longer timeframes where the price movement is much more predictable and readable. And it’s why Darko conducts his analysis on longer term timeframes.  But once mastered, pure price action reading techniques can be applied across all timeframes and all trading styles.

What Is The Best Way to Learn Pure Price Action Trading?

We believe repetition and reinforcement are the best ways to learn Pure price reading. Darko Ali - our resident expert - publishes several Pre-Market Analysis (PMA) videos weekly to offer our members expert analysis on different pairs under all market conditions, showing setups, in advance (not after-the-fact). What a great way to learn and master pure price action reading in a real-time environment.

How Is Our Coaching Program Structured:

  • Getting Started -  Learn the basics. Get oriented by watching foundational videos. We help you to develop a learning plan.
  • Library of Self-learning Videos - 100's of hours of video content covering all the relevant topics designed to give you the necessary tools to become a consistently profitable trader. 
  • Analysis Videos (PMA’s) are provided several times a week from Darko, using Higher Time Frame Forex charts to show you how to see price action the correct way. In these videos, Darko identifies potential trade setups so you can get in on the trade - before the fact. You can earn while you learn! Or you may elect to simply observe, and gain confidence before trading with real money.
  • Swing Trading and Day Trading Chat Rooms provided for members to exchange trading ideas.
  • Questions Are Encouraged: We will answer any questions you may have. Simply send us an email, and you will get a timely response. Or…Darko will often create a whole new video to answer member questions so everyone can benefit and learn from the information.

How Long Does It Take For Me To Master Pure Price Action Reading (PAR)?

Pure price action reading can be learned by anyone willing to put the time in. And while it is certainly within the grasp of most traders, it isn't something you learn overnight. Think of it this way: when you go to university or college, it takes a full semester just to master one subject, and many years to earn a degree. Well…it’s NO different with  learning how to trade properly. However, through mentorship, we can greatly fast-track the learning curve.

We recommend a 6-month to 1 year commitment to truly master pure price action skills. It will take continual practice and reinforcement, which Darko provides through his PMA videos each week. The following is a rough guideline of what you can expect:

  • MONTH 1-3:  ORIENTATION - LEARNING THE BASICS  - go through the library of videos we have in the member area. Ask questions.
  • MONTH 3-6: DEMO TRADING - Follow Darko’s PMA videos. Try demo trading. Track your performance in these months. Schedule a personal one on one with our coaches to go over any areas you are having troubles with.
  • MONTH 6-8: Go Live!  Based on your demo trading, focus on the pattern(s) you see easiest Trade live with small lot sizes to preserve your capital but still learn in a live account environment.
  • MONTH 9-12: Progress towards becoming a Stage 4 trader. By now, price reading is second nature to you. You can quickly glance at a chart and understand what price is telling you - the language of the market. You can identify trade setups on your own, and are seeing consistently profitable results. You are patient, you don’t over-trade, and you have high confidence with every trade. Your risk management is impeccable.



Get Darko's analysis of the current market action to identify high probability trades based on price action reading techniques.


Interact with other traders in real time to discuss possible setups or ask questions.


Access to a full collection of training videos designed to get you fully up to speed on the art of price action reading.


Our coaches love to hear from you. There are no stupid questions. We are here to help you become a consistently profitable Forex trader.


If you are struggling with your trading, you really only have 3 choices: keep on the same path, quit, or…CHANGE YOUR APPROACH! The fact that you’re looking at this probably means you’d like to get on to a profitable track, and we’d love nothing more than to help you. We’ve had great success in helping many, many traders.

"BIG THANKS Darko for all you do, YOUR A MACHINE!
Being somewhat a newbie, the energy you put into all these updates really
are a super help to get up to speed to become successful

CC Member

I am almost finished watching all the videos on the CC Quick Start Guide. Your approach is humbling. It is refreshing. I am more motivated than ever to adhere to what you teach & advise.

CC member

I should personally thank you and Darko for changing the way I am looking at trading. It has made a huge difference to the way I enter trades,
planning and analyzing carefully.

CC member

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