June 1

NZD/JPY Pure Price Action Forex Trade…Big Win

Today’s video is a NZD/JPY pure price action forex trade that happened to result in a big win. However, the point of this video is to illustrate that your preferred forex time frame for trading does NOT matter, because the process of forex pure price action reading is identical, no matter what your forex trading style! This skill of price action reading can be applied to forex swing trading, position trading, scalping or whatever suits you.

In 2017, Darko introduced Advanced Market Flow (the language of the market), showing how to read trend without the use of any forex trading indicators. None. I have a very specific recommendation for the best and easiest way to learn to read the forex price action as shown in this video, and I talk about it in my closing comments, so be sure to listen to the end! You can view the video here:


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