April 8

USD/CAD Swing Trade runs for 400 pips

Darko first recorded today’s video last week. Since then, this USD/CAD forex swing trade had a run of about 400 pips from entry. More than a 4:1 reward to risk, unscaled. We do not run an alert service…it’s actually even better than that. Why? Because Darko is showing the REASONS behind these trades. That is, “why” these trades are valid; the forex analysis behind the buy or sell, the forex price action analysis, the forex candlestick action and what they tell us, trade management etc. That is immeasurable value. Folks, these are very easy trades to take on. The challenging part for you, the trader, is having the desire, attitude, determination and commitment level to follow Darko’s approach. And sure, confidence is obviously critical, and that will come through repetition and seeing these trades unfold for yourself. This is a very, very manageable way to trade for ANYONE. No excuses, since there is always plenty of time to enter these trades, with very minimal trade mgt required.


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USD/CAD Forex Swing Trade runs for 400 pips

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