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More Forexmentor Member Testimonials

Robert Veale, Ontario: “This note is just ‘another’ thank you for posting, on your examples page, the numbers that you use in your program and the results. It's great to be able to confirm that I'm on the right track.

Andrew Hong, Singapore: “I have received your book. It has great hidden ideas and suggestions that I had not learned in the stock market. I have only trade stocks for the past few years. Now, I have the opportunity learn about FX through you.”

Dan Schachtel, New Jersey: “Your way is the sharpest, most precise and simplest way to trade, and the pivots are very accurate.”

Tom Barraclough, Massachusetts: “I think this is an excellent program.”

Stephen S. Moss: “I'm a real cynic, and have become quite jaded by scams that pummel me in my e-mail, on the phone, and on the television constantly. Your quick response last night was very encouraging ... forgive me if I offend, but I wanted to test and see if you existed. Thanks again for that response ... ”

Member Nickname Hammer: “Peter has been mentoring me for about five months now. Without a doubt, his methods are the only way to trade the Forex! His program turned my trading around. I paid five grand for a Forex course, and had to unlearn all the BS I was taught in order to make money in this business. You will find Peter Bain first class all the way to the bank.”

Member Nickname Bonus: “I also bought the Forex material from Mr. Bain. I am looking forward to unlearning the useless drivel I learned in the US$1,795 course that I purchased. I am still basically starting from scratch, because the only thing useful in that course was the blank trading journal. I’m ready to actually make some money for a change.”

Roland Courtriers, South Africa: “I traded the euro today and made 70 pips. I am really enjoying pivot trading. It is exciting and profitable. I can see it becoming my full-time job in the not-too-distant future. Your daily examples Web page is a fantastic support system for any trader. Thank you for selling me your information so cheaply. That’s the least I can say as my gratitude for your help. Prosper others and you will be prospered.”

Melody Cooper, Texas “Thank you Peter for you wonderful book ‘One More Zero.’ My husband ordered it from you last week at the recommendation of American Securities.”

Jeffrey Cronk, Washington: “I have been studying your material, and love it. Five indicators is not too bad, and I love the cockpit analogy. I just started trading last night, and this morning I finished my first trading day with an up-day.

George Muller, Australia: “I have gone through your material, and find it very exciting. It has impressed me very much.”

DE: “I guess I am still somewhat in awe of how ON those PP can be without any other indicators. Thanks a million. Now, I must ‘unlearn’ what I drilled into my head for weeks.”

Laura (a.k.a. a guy): “I have finished going through your material, and enjoyed my time with it. Overall, it was just what I needed, and I have learned a lot. You know your subject matter, and explain things clearly. It is pretty obvious that you know and love the Forex market (especially the euro/dollar).”

Vincent Chamberlain: “I just want you to know I have purchased several other courses after purchasing yours over a year ago. I have to say, Peter, no other courses have come close to yours. Your course is the only one that focuses mainly on PRICE ACTION! There are some systems out there that have good entry techniques but, without points of reference, how do you know where you are going, where you are or where you have been. You also need to know where price is going to bounce back to. The other good thing that I like about Pivot Points is that you can add other strategies and techniques to it. Even if you don't use Pivot Points to enter and exit, you still have points of reference to guide you through your trade. Thanks Peter!!!”

David Thomas: “Peter, I purchased your course, and had great success with it.”

Mark van Greunen, South Africa: “This is letting you know I simply cannot trade without the Pivots Program. It is arguably the most accurate trading tool around. With a little savvy, a trader can get to know how to use it.

Greg Netherton: “I got your material, and it's excellent. I'm glad you tell the truth about what to expect, instead of filling our heads with hype and crap. Looking at the daily charts really helps, and being able to look at the next few months charts are an excellent idea.”

George C. Smith: “Am loving your material. You are an incredibly good mentor. Thanks.”

Randolf Gevero, Philippines: “I just got your Forex material a few days ago and have already gone through it several times already. The information I got from it is extraordinary. I never thought I would be able to understand Forex trading but, after your course, I felt like I had a personal mentor teaching me by my side. It actually all makes sense now. I'm really so excited about all this. I'll be telling my friends too, and I wouldn't mind letting people know how great you material is, because IT REALLY IS. I don't think I can emphasize that enough. Thanks again for your "words-are-not-enough-to-thank-you" Forex material.”

Mike Clements, Texas: “You are a great teacher and mentor.”

Suniil Mangwani, "The 80 currency trading strategies of yours have given me a completely new dimension to my Forex trading, and I am indeed very grateful"

The latest from Mark, "I have used your Pivot Point Trading System to trade just about any market from DAX, FTSE 100, DOW, S&P500 futures, Stocks and the Forex Market. Your Pivot System worked on all the markets in fact I showed a friend of mine not so long ago ( I was trading GBP/USD Forex ) and up to today he still thinks I performed some magical trick on him as I never used any indicators, all I did was plot the lines and the reversals took place exactly on the numbers. The uncanny thing is that the numbers were obscure such as 1.7686 and 1.6988 and not round numbers. We even tried used it on very short time frames such as 1 min. data which then blew him totally away as the candles closed exactly on the numbers. " Fondest Regards, Mark van Greunen - South Africa

"I have to thank you for the training. I know for me it's still early days, but I'm averaging 30pips a day since studying Pivot Points (67% trade win ratio and improving). I trade the GBP/USD pair and so far you Pivot Points have been deadly accurate (3days in a row). It only missed M1 once by about 15pips I think, but what's 15pips! Your system has paved & lighted my forex trading path & turned my dumb money into smart money. Thank you..” Andre

Frank Paul, North Vancouver, BC Wrote: "Good afternoon Peter. Frank Paul writing you from North Vancouver.I enrolled in your course a couple of months ago and have been happily filling my head with volumes of great information in the two DVD packages I purchased from you, and feel like I’m going from 0 – 100 mph in six seconds in terms of my learning and ability. Just terrific – thank you!... Recently, I decided to go back in time and gather up the direct evidence for all the instances of COT divergence that have transpired so far this calendar year, and see what would have unfolded if I had been able to avail myself of a position in each and every one of these setups....The results – WOW!  For the 7 instances where the majors have generated COT divergence since January of this year, the average theoretical profit per lot traded was 851 pips over an average timeframe of about 13 weeks.  My absolute favourite among these was the GBP/USD trade with the COT divergence of zero at March 8th. One could have realized over 2000 pips ($200K on 10 lots for the gutsy) without any drawdown on the position whatsoever, riding the trend all the way down to the other end of the spectrum on the COT graph – an opposing divergence reading on July 19th where price action the other way was good for more than 1000 pips per lot. What is interesting about these setups is that half of them commenced during the one moth period from roughly mid June to mid July, and four of seven of them culminated precisely on Sept 5th. Just a coincidence? You’ve always told us we should treat this information as gold – now I have all the proof I need as to how much gold, exactly, that’s worth. Just taking position trades on the COT charts only – only a few trades per year – could provide a decent little chunk of change.  Or a big one with some added leverage behind it.Anyways, thanks for the mind-expanding, totally awesome information! This stuff really works!

Tammy Scherer, Houston, TX Wrote: "Dear Peter, I cannot begin to describe the Gift that you have given me with this course.  I am an avid student.  I have learned more from the first minutes of your course than in the $1000 6 hour day classes that I have attended in the past.  And I have not even scratched the surface of the Member's Library!..The ForexMentor team are my First choice."

Peter Montgomery 'Monty', Perth Western, Australia wrote: "Hi Peter and Team, ... I really appreciate the time and trouble you and your team devote to our increasing knowledge. Also the sharing of knowledge by other members it all a very positive experience :-) . I hope as time passes I will be able to contribute I know that with time, persistence and patience, along with the support of the ForexMentor© Team my dream WILL become a reality. Thank you all once again."

Paul Clerico wrote: " You guys have already made me a believer! I caught the 3:00 u-turns on 6 pairs...I sent these signals to my network, in addition to entering them on my platform. They think I'm a genius. Your course has already forced me to look at currencies much differently than I ever did before. I never realized how powerful the candlestick patterns really are until your course put a perspective on that for me. I had no idea about the price activity around the beginning of the different sessions. I saw it in looking at the charts, but I never was able to put that together until taking your course. I never knew how static Fibos really are until you shed the proper light on pivots. I've been using Fibos for the 14 months I've been trading. I'm a pivot man, now. Sorry for being so long. I just had to tell you that you have a happy customer. Thanks! Regards, Paul Clerico"

David Timm of South Africa Wrote: "Hi Peter, Your am reviews just get better and better. The step by step walking us through the trade is brilliant. Specifically starting with the daily chart outlining what is happening, then the hourly chart down to the 15 min chart. Writing down the reasons to get in and the price projections/exit strategy is a big help, please carry on doing this. Basically these are the steps that you use to trade and we can only learn from this (monkey see monkey do)... As always the help from your whole team to bring us the am reviews is greatly appreciated."

Max O. from Phoenix, AZ raves: “Following the H & S pattern I showed you a couple of days ago, I rode the euro up for over a 100+ pips gain. But then it stalled and last night I saw a negative divergence of MACD on the 1hr chart and shorted it at 1.2266 and so far I am up about 60+ pips. Your course is amazing and so much simpler than the so called 4xmade****. Can't thank you enough Peter. Keep up the good work.”

Mark van Greunen, South Africa:“It is absolutely profound/uncanny how your Pivots Program works when the prices reach a particular pivot number. Well, I have got to the point of talking to my computer now (you might laugh, but it is true) as to the accuracy of your program. I personally think your program is great and very unique. Anyone who trades the currency markets (day trading or position trading) will benefit from your program. I do not believe what I am about to say to you is unique only to myself. I believed that the more indicators I used, coupled with graphical tools such as bollinger bands, moving averages and trend lines made me a better trader. In fact, by the time I had switched off my computer, my eyes were sore with so much nonsense on my screen, and I had LOST MONEY. Now, you come along, and WITHOUT any indicators (MACD and Moving Averages, if you wish to use them), and blow technical trading out the water with a +70% accuracy rate.I must THANK YOU for introducing me to your Pivots Program, as this is one of the GREATEST EDGES any trader will ever see, yet it is so simple to apply and to follow.”

Ben Simmons of Hampton, VI wrote: "Peter, Just wanted to say that I ordered your course in May '05. It seems like just the other day I began to study your pivot system. In the first three Demo accounts I made all the mistakes and lost money. In the 4th demo account I started with 10k and ended with 11.5K and it felt great to finally accomplished growth in my trading. Well, it's September 9 and this is my 5th demo account. I have gone from 10k - 16.5k in approximately 3 weeks. I can't believe how well your system has helped to develop my skills and confidence. Thanx and God Bless"

Stephen Drury of Lake Travis, TX wrote: " Peter, I have been a member for a few weeks.  I am an experienced equities trader, but decided I wanted a new challenge.  I picked the forex for two reasons: liquidity and capacity to trend.  I own a couple of businesses and only have time in the early part of the day to focus on trading, so the forex is a good fit for my schedule.  I have taken this very seriously and I have studied your system for hours and hours.  This is a simple, yet astonishingly powerful methodology that you have developed.  It is enhanced by your natural teaching skills and patience. Thought you might like to see my first trading day on the foreign exchange.  I know all my days will not be this easy but it was like picking cherries.  All you have to do is study hard, follow the system precisely and be patient until opportunities present themselves.  Then load the wagon.  Hope to meet you at one of the conferences in Texas.  God Bless You & Yours. Stephen Drury"

Tom Miller of Sea Girt, NJ wrote: "Got the system in tow...made first two live trrades this am netted $350. This look s like fun so far. But I am very cautious. I compliment you on your course, I refer back to book and AM review a lot. Thanks, Tom Miller"

Rebecca Ruffin of Bronx, NY wrote: ""Peter, God Bless you.  I'm a newbie and purchased your course on Aug. 24th.  I started trading on Aug. 25th.  In two days I made 128 pips. "

Richard Brown of Nigeria wrote: "Your course is great. I have attended a lot of seminars and training based on trading the forex, and have found yours to be one of the best. Thank you for good work.... Kindest Regards"

Peter Schabus from Switzerland wrote: " Dear Peter and Forexmentor-Team, I ordered your course on Thursday and it already arrived in Switzerland the following Tuesday. Hey, that's amazing and tells me to you are really concerned about your customers/students. After going through the videos and the CD-ROM's I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Such a simple but straight forward approach to trading. I never
thought is is possible to trade without indicators. But you showed me another way and opened my eyes to see the markets like I never did before. Thank you sooo much for making your method available to the public and for all your efforts you put into this! Best regards from Switzerland"

Steve Norman of Milton Keynes, UK wrote: "Hi Peter I received your course at the weekend and have spent much time on your web site. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I have have learned a great deal in this past week that I've been able to turn to profitable trades. - thank you very much. It's very refreshing to find a genuine mentor in these shark-infested trading waters....Your course and web site have provided me the final pieces of the trading jigsaw; in particular the price projections and pivot points. Keep up the excellent work. All the very best, Steve"

George Berrang of St. Petersburg, FL wrote: "Mr.Bain,thank you everyday of my life for the "am review". I was espiecially excited regarding the 09/15 section regarding Monica Korzec's idea trading after the 9:00am bar according to her system...Thank you so very much for teaching me to fish the forex...Monica's and 9/15 am review has me exremely excited.You and the forexmentor team are simply fantastic. God Bless you always, George Berrang"

Scott Penley - Stonington, CT wrote: "A quick note of thanks. I have been trading for a year a half and have been with you for 1 month. Prior to your system the drawdown on my account has been just that, drawdown. This past month, I have been steadily building my account and with the modest success, has come new confidence. Not every day is perfect but the winners outnumber the losers. Best Wishes"

Ben Harris of Fountain Hills Arizona wrote: "I signed up for your course about a week ago and even though I haven't received your cd training set I've been surfing your web site and trying to absorb the wealth of information. I can only describe what I've learned as mind blowing. Your techniques are the most simple and effective I could possibly imagine. You guys are all unadulterated geniuses. I just can't wait for the cd set to arrive and think you may want to put the price of it up well into 4 figures, maybe more. Keep up the spectacular work chaps. Thanks again, all the best."

Stephan Hausmann of Lighthouse Point, FL wrote: "I have to thank you and your team for the mentorship. It is great to have the confidence when to enter and exit trades."

Neil Bellefeuille of San Diego, CA wrote: "Thanks for your ongoing support and mentorship. It is invaluable to all of us participating in your program."

Brian Sater of Providence, Utah wrote: " Dear ForexMentor Team, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the quality program you put out. I have spent thousands trying to learn how to trade the forex from other people, but after only two weeks with your system I am getting my 20 pips a day most days. The MMTS system is working well for me and I am excited about trying Duncan's ideas. It is great to have a library to go to to learn more and I love the AM Review. I am also grateful that I don't have to spend money on charts. Keep up the great work. "

Todd Lavigne of Maple, ON wrote: "Hi Peter, Your course is by far the best out there. Thanks"

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