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Most failing traders probably put their lack of success down to psychology… but it’s not that simple.

The truth is, successful traders have an excellent grasp in several key areas.

  • Trader Psychology
  • Understanding of the Fundamentals
  • Acurate Resourcing - locating and using the right information to make trading decisions
  • A Solid technical strategy

In this video course, I want to share with you the winning formula that has given me success over the years and has enabled me to trade for a living:

Fundamental & Sentimental knowledge =

The right pair choices +

Technical strategy for consistent entry and trade management =

Much easier Trader psychology and much more consistent results.

I wanted to create this video course because I wanted traders to go far beyond the usual trading strategy. My aim is to set you on a new path and have you follow an entirely new approach when it comes to trading the Forex markets. If you aren't consistent with your trading results , lacking in confidence, or are just tired of the routine scanning of charts waiting and hoping for a pattern, then this course is for you.


What You Will Learn....

Part 1: Psychology

Master Trader psychology and learn how the 3 steps (psychology – fundamentals – technicals) all work together to provide you with the successful approach you are thirsty for

Part 2: Fundamentals

Learn about the true flow of Forex and how to use the Central banks to predict what the markets are going to go and accurately predict long term trends before they even happen.

Part 3: Resourcing

Learn how to combine fundamentals with market sentiment to build a true picture of the markets and how to gather this information without the need of subscription services, and how to use this to plan your trading pairs and direction and actually predict what a chart looks like before you even see it. Your new approach will include knowing what pairs and direction to trade before you even open up a chart .

Part 4: Technicals / Trading

Learn the primary trading method that enabled me to make a myfxbook verified 50% returns in less than 12 months – the method is based around trading the 15 minute charts during the London and New York sessions. The average trade length could be 30 minutes – 3 hours and they rarely last longer than 1 trading session. The method is easy to pick up on and does not require lots of screen time.

Myfxbook results

Disclaimer: Past performance of this and any trading methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. There's no profitability promises nor claims being made. Individual trader's result will be different.

Risk Disclosure: Trading currencies on margin involves a high level of risk which may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage can work against you just as easily as it can work for you. Before deciding to trade currencies you should carefully consider your trading and financial objectives, level of experience, and appetite for risk. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some, or possibly all of your trading capital. Therefore, you should not fund a trading account with money that you cannot afford to lose. It is recommended that you seek advice from an accredited financial advisor if you have any doubts as to whether currency trading is right for you. No representation or guarantee is offered or implied as to the trading results that may be attained by applying concepts presented herein. Any losses incurred by traders unsuccessful in applying these ideas or methods are the sole responsibility of the trader and Currex Investment Services Inc (d.b.a “Forexmentor”) and its principals, contractors and assigns will be held safe from prosecution in any form.