Learn Short-term Pattern Trading from
the Internet's Most Seasoned Coach!


founded Coach's Corner in 2006 and since then has coached thousands of Forex traders worldwide. Vic teaches aspiring Forex traders simple and objective forex patterns. These trades have small pip risk with great reward potential. Perfect for smaller accounts!

CC SHORT-TERM Members Get Access to...

Member Chat Room

Interact with Vic and other traders in real time to discuss possible setups or ask questions.

Videos of Trade Setups

These videos illustrate trades that set up according to the methodology taught, and are a great way to learn what a valid setup looks like.

Live Flash Webinars

Access to impromptu webinars to hear detailed explanation of live market price action or to have a question answered.

Scalp Level Videos

Vic identifies major forex key levels that are relevant for short-term trading. These levels are fundamental to a valid forex trade setup and are posted daily.

CC Day/Scalp Trading With Vic Noble

This service is designed for those wanting  a more active trading style, yet at the same time, strictly limited risk.

Short-term trading (also called scalping), when done properly, offers a unique opportunity to engage in more frequent Forex trading, but it can’t be emphasized strongly enough, that this style of trading is no different than any other style: patience and discipline are vital to success. Scalping does NOT mean jumping in and out of the market all day long – a sure path to ruin.

Rules Based

Without strict rules and guidelines, it will be near impossible to maintain consistency with any trading style, and it’s no different with short-term trading. The goal is to make valid trade setups as objective as possible, notwithstanding the fact that trading is never 100% objective. However Vic’s trading guidelines and setups eliminate almost all of the guesswork.


Small Accounts/Shorter Time Frame 

You don’t need a very big account to start with, since the pip risk is small. Also, a shorter amount of time in the market means less market risk exposure.

Convert To Long Term Trades

You can turn a scalp into a longer-term trade when you’re trading with the higher time frame trend. This can result in huge moves, and very large reward to risk trades.

Less Noise

By focusing on just a few patterns at key levels, it eliminates much of the noise and iffy price action. Trading less with more focused setups is a good thing!

Time Flexibility

You can decide the best time for trading that suits you. Keep in mind though, that it should be in one of the active sessions: London, NY, or Asia.

Faster Account Growth Possible

With small pip stops, you can trade more lots & grow your account faster. But…you can LOSE it a lot faster if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Higher Reward to Risk

By using deeper retracements that our patterns give you, higher Reward/Risks can be achieved with MUCH less price movement. Plus…risk can usually be removed very quickly.

Is Scalping for You?

If you are looking to have a solid, more frequent trading approach, scalping may very well be the ticket! Once you join, you’ll have access to the rules, which are clearly laid out in our new member quick start guide. Entries, stops, trade management, ideas for profit-taking, how to set up your charts each day, etc.

Access to a Library of Scalp Trade Videos

As a CC Short-term Trading member, you’ll have access to a library of current and past forex scalp trades. Vic will continue to add to this library for a while, as it is a great resource for traders to get a good visual picture of valid trade setups.

Learning patterns and theory is one thing. But when it comes to actually trading, one of the biggest challenges for aspiring traders is being able to pick out valid trades in real time. No worries, because the library of short-term trading videos will clearly show what valid trades look like so that you can become proficient at finding them yourself, in a relatively short period of time. It is then a "rinse and repeat" process.


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