By popular demand, the S123 Team will be hosting a live, online workshop from May 7-9, 2019 during the London Open when the Forex market is most active.

Lennox and the team will scan the market real-time for S123 trading opportunities and interactively go through the top-down analysis process with a small group of traders in each of the 3 sessions. We will decide as a group whether a particular setup is a good trade and when to enter the trade.

This will be an invaluable, hands-on exercise for those who really want to master the S123 system and to achieve the kind of success many of the traders are enjoying.

We have done everything possible to make this event a no-brainer for everyone to attend.

  • Location: Virtual Online Workshop. Connect via Internet.
  • Date: May 7-9, 2019 Eastern US Time.
  • Format: Each training session starts at 2AM EST (shortly before the London Open).
  • Interact: All attendees will have microphone access so they can interact with the mentors.
  • Recording: Full recordings will be made available to all registered attendees.
  • Minimum 9 Hours of live market, hands-on training.
  • Bonus: Live real money trading. Follow our recommended trades and you can make your workshop fee back.
  • ...and much more

ONLINE S123 WORKSHOP - MAY 7-9, 2019

12-Month S123 Members: FREE


NON S123 MEMBERS: $799