Historically very high accuracy, providing a psychological boost and increased confidence for struggling traders


Be at your computer only at specific time! You’ll know right away if there is even the possibility of a trade


Well-defined and very objective trading rules. No guesswork!


Reduced exposure to your funds, since the trades are so short-term


The London Close Trade (LCT) Strategy was co-developed in 2010, by ForeMentor coach Vic Noble and the late Shirley Hudson. Shirley was an absolute master short-term trader, and her approach to trading Forex pairs at the close of the London Stock market was remarkable. Some would say legendary, as she accumulated in the tens of thousands of pips using this strategy.

Vic Noble has now re-launched and revised this strategy, with an emphasis on making it more objective than ever before. Additionally, he has incorporated more strategies to show how to use the basics of the LCT strategy for trading at other times of the trading day.

This is a short-term trading strategy, requiring very small initial pip risk, but yielding exceptional reward to risk. Perfect for small account sizes, or for those who simply want to have some limited exposure to the forex markets.

The LCT is a very simple strategy that Vic lays out step-by-step. Trades need to set up very specifically, within very clearly defined rules. One of those rules is the proper use of the “Noble Entry”, which is an entry technique that works especially well when certain conditions present themselves at the London Close.

What's Included in the LCT Course

The LCT 2.0 Course will include everything you need to learn and implement this proven trading system.

  1. 1
    Full-length Online Video Course to learn the details of the strategy
  2. 2
    A PDF on how to draw proper levels of Support & Resistance
  3. 3
    Vic’s personal excel spreadsheet that can easily be filled out to determine key factors needed for trade setups. You’ll see at a glance if there are any possibilities
  4. 4
    A video showing exactly how to use the spreadsheet (very easy)
  5. 5
    Vic’s “Noble Entry” strategy, embedded in the LCT course
  6. 6
    Many video recordings showing how to use the LCT basics to trade at other times of the day
  7. 7
    Numerous live recordings of LCT setups analysis and entries
  8. 8
    Videos on Tips, Tricks and Nuances to be aware of

Other Benefits of LCT


A good addition for longer-term traders, as it provides the potential to add pips to your account while waiting for long-term trades

News Neutral

Almost never have to worry about Red Flag News, because the LCT strategy happens after news is already out

Small Account Friendly

Excellent for small accounts, since the pip risk isn’t big, and excellent RR targets can get hit very quickly

Fast Feedback

Because you will get more trades more quickly


First introduced in 2010! Many continue to trade LCT successfully!


Wrong time zone? No problem, LCT can be applied to other times. Course has full explanation with examples


Q: Who is the LCT Strategy For?

  • Any one wishing to participate more actively in the markets on a daily basis.  
  • A longer-term trader who would like to look to make additional profits while waiting for longer term trades to unfold.
  • Anyone who only wants to trade a few hours a day.

Q: How is LCT 2.0 different from the original course from 2010?

A: The basics of the course are very much the same. However I removed a few things that are not necessary, made the stop more objective, and defined the trading rules slightly differently

Q: How often does the system trade?

A: As a very general rule, you can expect about 3 trade per week on average. Some days there will be none, in which case we are happy to sit on our hands. Other days, there can be setups on multiple pairs

Q: Has the LCT strategy been profitable since 2010?

A: Yes! We can say this, as there are traders who have been trading this strategy since that time, and are consistently profitable.

Q: What if I don’t live in a time zone that is suitable for trading the LCT?

A: We have added information to the course that shows how to use the basic LCT strategy to trade during other session, under the right (objective) conditions

Q: Do I need to be an experienced trader to trade LCT?

A: You should have a good grasp on how to use candlestick charts, and of course how to use a trading platform. Once you fully understand the strategy, I highly recommend that you only trade a few micro-lots until you are showing consistent profitability.

Q: Is it necessary to stay up for the entire London session?

A: No! That's one of the great things about this trading strategy. It's a time specific strategy, right around the London Close.

Q: Do I need a lot of capital to start with?

A: No, and that’s another great benefit to this strategy. In fact, I highly recommend that, once you fully understand the methodology, you start with just a couple of micro lots until you are showing consistent profitability

Get LCT 2.0 now!

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LCT 2.0 Course Outline

  • Welcome
  • Disclaimer
  • The LCT Trading Style Explained
  • The Theory Behind the LCT
  • The London Close Trade Set Up
  • The Time Window for a Valid LCT Trade
  • Trade Entry
  • Noble Entry Buy
  • Noble Entry Sell.
  • Important Notes About Entry
  • Let’s Do a Recap of What We Have So Far
  • Higher Time Frame Support Resistance
  • Using Support and Resistance With LCT Trades
  • Profit Targets and Trade Management
  • Set Up Your Day Before You Trade
  • 10 Steps of the London Close Trade
  • Can’t Trade the London Close
  • Tips for Trading the London Close Strategy
  • Suggest Pairs to Trade the London Close
  • Pros and Cons of LCTs
  • Additional Resources
  • Final Comments.
  • Where to Go From Here

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