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"I'm at about 70% winners now with the winners averaging 33 pips and the losers averaging 24 pips."
- Richard Daniels, St. Louis, MO




"Oh, I hit my 10 in a row - I had 3 good trades within 14 hours Thursday thru Friday.  Friday morning I made 62 pips on a divergence trade in just a few minutes! Thank you"

Dear Trader,

In response to constant requests from our members, Forexmentor announces the immediate availability of the Personal Forex Coaching Service. This service is designed to help traders like you to fast track your development as a forex trader.

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The sooner we can get you past the learning phase, the sooner you can start profiting from trading opportunities and making money! We all know what this learning phase can cost, not only in time lost, but in making the stupid mistakes that you shouldn’t and in not making the money that you should.

Facilitated by Vic Noble (see his bio), these coaching sessions will be tailored to meet your individual requirements based on your experience level. And thanks to internet technology that allows us to link computers with both visual and audio capability; these forex coaching sessions will take place at the comfort of your own computer, wherever that may be!

Vic will be able to link up with your computer, and you will be able to not only see what is on Vic’s screen, but you will also have audio capabilities as well as text messaging.

“Our goal is to help you become a successful trader, and I find it tremendously satisfying to be able to help in your forex trading development."

Personal Forex Coaching is for you if:

    • You have completed the Forexmentor course or attended a Forexmentor workshop, and are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information. Vic will help you cut this learning phase down dramatically by showing you how to properly focus on the most relevant information in a very simplistic way.

    • You are a relatively experienced trader but are getting mixed (or negative) results. It may be that you’re closer than you think to turning your trading around, and you are simply missing that one idea, insight or distinction that can make all the difference. Many times it’s purely psychological and Vic can help you.

    • You’ve invested a ton of time (and probably money) and you’re getting pretty frustrated with the whole thing! If this is you, I can tell you that there are some very common things that winners do, and also some very common things that losers do! Vic knows this because he has been trading for over 20 years, and was a futures broker for 5 years. He has a unique insight into people’ trading habits, thoughts, money management (or mismanagement), etc.

    There will be no set agenda for these coaching sessions, as each session will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the participants.

    Inspirational Trader Interviews


    WOW! I made 41 pips on my first trade after my first coaching session with Vic! Vic’s coaching session truly offers clarity and will indeed free you of paralysis of analysis and paralysis of over information! Vic’s unique style of personal coaching offers simple solutions as to when to get into a trade and when to get out of a trade, not to mention, good sound asset management, and when you should be taking your profits at the appropriate times. My first trade not only paid for my coaching session with Vic but also paid for one month of his “Coaches Corner” live classes that are held twice a week! After my first coaching session with Vic I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of his Coaches Corner. I just attended my first session with the Coaches Corner this morning and I found it to be an excellent follow-up to his coaching session. There’s no doubt in my mind that I will be able to continue to have successful trades due to the continual education and support that you w ill find in Vic’s Coaches Corner. I’ve always heard there is no “Holy Grail” out there to trading but now I’m beginning to wonder! Becky - Monterey, CA

    Hi Vic - here is a quick update.  This was an easy> trade, but just made another successful trade on the yen with your system.  I have never picked a loser yet with your system and it always hits the 1st extension - even in my backtesting it hit the 1st extension 100% of the time and the 2nd about 50%.Oh, this is something I learned in bactesting that helped with my trade tonight - I think it is interesting.  I noticed that if the retracement is more than 20 pips, then take it even if it is only at the 38% level.  Well it worked tonight.  The yen had retraced only to about 38% but it was over 20 pips so I entered - and sure enough that was the very bottom low and it went straight up to the 1st extension fast. Just thought that would interest you. Vic, thank you so much for your help.  I've never seen a system before that produces 100%.  Is this the holy grail or something?  All I know is you ROCK!!! Thanks again. -Brent Stanley
    Fort Collins, CO
    (see interview)

    "First and foremost I would like to thanks you for putting together your Personal Coaching Service for me and
    the many other out their Vic did an outstanding job in helping me understand that you need no learn the whole book but learn and master a number of things and do this over and over. So thanks to Vic and all who have played a part in this." - William Carroll, Lake Stevens, WA

    "Hi Peter, I just wanted to let you know that Vic Noble's personal coaching program is a GREAT addition to an already outstanding platform. I benefited a TON from our first session and, as with the rest of your program, received more than my money's worth. Vic really went out of his way, both during the time allotted as well as thereafter by forwarding a plethora of information & charts to assist us through our learning curve. Thank you for all that you and the Forexmentor team do!" - Ron Luongo, West Chester, PA, USA 

    "I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation of the session in mentoring that I recently took with VIC NOBLE. Brilliant is the word. I was experiencing some problems with my entry. Vic masterfully explained and cleared all my doubts and much more. I would consider myself selfish if I do not share my feeling of total satisfaction with the other members. His method of explaining is simple and easy to comprehend, which he does with the help of numerous charts, which are later emailed to you. He does not waste any time on theory. "  - Bikram, Edmonton, Albert

    "Hi Vic...Entry is getting almost flawless on my demo - thanks again for all the tips.  4 wins in 4 days based on the techniques I've learned from you!!" - Brent F. Charlotte, NC

    " Vic, Once again many thanks for your time .I definately have enjoyed the session and most importantly  have learnt a different way of using MACD  DIVERGENCE  combined with Fib  levels to trade the forex markets.  Regards" Norman Chitiyo

    "Thanks for a great session.  You have extremely good people skills Vic and I'm sure that a lot of members will benefit greatly from that and of course from you're FX experience.Thanks also for the charts,  I will go over and over them.  Study is not like work to me because this is what I truly want to do. Take care and hopefully soon I will be able to send you an upbeat mail telling of consistent results." Leo Romano

    "Vic – had a good week… up $750 – 3 winning trades & one loss…" -Steven McAdams

    "Hi Peter and Vic, I have attended the coaching service from Vic Noble. I was amazed the
    strategy Vic told me. It worked out so perfectly for me. Vic was so perfect in his job that i would recommend that each and every student of forex mentor team should attend atleast one class. I have taken four trades last week and all the trades was so perfect with entry and exit that I just can't believe it. I have made 231 pips in a week on a live account. If you will be patient and search for a nice trade setup "pull the trigger" you will hardly loose money. Thanks Vic for teching me such a good trading techniques" - Abhishek

    "Dear Peter, Vic,I had the extreme pleasure of having a two hour coaching session with Vic Noble. I was having some difficulty with the markets. I had lost enough money that I was exceedly uncomfortable. Vic not only valadated me but showed me a method of trading that is extremely accurate. After my meeting with Vic I resumed making money on a consistent basis. So now I have another tool in my tool box. To coin a phrase Peter likes to use. Vic was also humane considering he has had so much experience trading. Some professionals become extremely irritated with new traders as they attempt to learn trading. Vic however seemed to be truly enjoying the process of teaching. Although I am used to dealing with irritable teachers it was nice not to have to deal with any added stress than I was under at the time. I am approaching winning back half the money I had lost in two weeks within a three days. Also with all the examples he sent along after the coaching session was over and answereing questions it was well worth the cost. After the coaching session I got to thinking, which sometimes can be dangerous, perhaps the euro was in a transition point considering changing trends. Not that it well at this time but all it needs to do is consider it which would cause a narrow trading range in the transition. I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to work with Vic and I thank you Peter for all the answered emails and for teaching forex trading. Sincerely" -
    Jim Karnes

    "Just wanted to say a really big thank you for the coaching sessions over the past couple of days.  They have started to get me thinking about my trading approach in a very different way. I really enjoyed the sessions and am very grateful for your professional and friendly approach.  Many thanks for the attachments, which I am gradually going through page by page to re-inforce the points you were making. Thank you very much once again. Best regards." -Brian

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    The focus will be on what you need to help your trading.

    There may be up to 5 traders in a session, but only if they are all of similar experience levels. This in itself is a great advantage because it allows an interaction from others that can directly benefit you.

    Through the computer link-up process, Vic will be able to deal directly with you concerning anything from basic trading issues such as setting up your trading platform and charts, calculating and plotting pivot levels, etc, to the actual technical analysis leading to the identification and execution of a trade.

    Our goal is to do everything we can to see you become a consistently profitable trader and if you’re making the common mistakes that plague traders, then it’s critical that you identify and correct them as soon as possible, and Vic will certainly help you do that. Really the only question is your own current comfort level with your trading.

    Please note that this coaching service is not designed to take the place of live workshops, which of course is very intense and covers 2 full days. However it is a powerful tool to help you develop much quicker than it would normally take. Vic is intimately familiar with the trading methods we teach in our course, and we know that he will deliver exceptional value.


    *** INTRODUCTORY RATE *** A private session will last 2 hours and cost $295 USD. They will take place at a mutually agreeable time; however, will normally be around noon Pacific Time.

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    The Forexmentor “Coach's Corner” Weekly Live Conference service is designed to provide a highly effective follow-up support to those members that have completed the initial Private Coaching program with Vic Noble. The Coaches Corner weekly live conference is conducted weekly on Mondays & Thursdays at 3PM US EST using the Hotcomm conferencing tool.

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