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"What a fantastic session it was! Never seen anything like this before with live trades.
It is marvellous! Thank you very much champion!"

The Forexmentor Pro Traders Club Market Review is your opportunity to sit alongside professional trader Chris Lori at his trading desk as he analyses and dissects the forex market. It is also the ideal follow-up service for purchasers of The Pro Trader Complete FX course as it reinforces the techniques, technical tools and methods taught throughout the course. It is not a trade recommendation or alert service.

The goals of the Market Review are to:

  • Help you build your understanding of the market fundamentals and price relationship
  • Reinforce the application of technical tools for both long term position trading and short term indtraday trading
  • Increase your market knowledge and thus helping you identify trading opportunities


The Pro Traders Club Market Review has been designed to condense market analysis into a logical, easy to follow structure.
Pro Traders Club Market Review video releases contain the following elements (when applicable depending on market conditions);

Fundamental Focus

In this segment of the video, Chris Lori discusses the present economic conditions and major fundamental factors that are responsible for the movement of a currency. Watch as Chris Lori explains the fundamental drivers and identifies their effects on price. For example, the discussion of interest rates, sentiment and expectations. Knowing market expectations for data and whether or not the expectations are met, is more important than the data itself and is key in understanding the market fundamentals and price relationship.

Technical Analysis

While fundamental analysis focuses on the causes of price movement, technical analysis focuses on price action itself. In this segment of the video, watch as Chris Lori applies his preferred techniques, technical tools and methods in analyzing price action. Chris' technical approach focuses on the effective use of leading indicators such as price patterns and fibonacci levels rather than lagging indicators in identifying trade opportunities.

Trades of the Week

Get insight to the professional traders mindset as Chris Lori discusses and reviews the trade opportunities of the week. Learn which setups were good candidates to trade and why. Then follow Chris along as he uses his technical tools to demonstrate why, where, when and how you could of entered, managed and exited the trade(s). Potential trade setups and key levels are discussed as well.

Trading Notes

Psychology is often an overlooked aspect of trading. Ask any successful trader and they will tell you that in order to achieve success in trading, you must understand the roles your own psychology and that of the masses have while trading. In this section, Chris Lori discusses the phases a developing trader often goes through and the obstacles that they face. As a professional trader who has undergone the development process and as a four time Olympian, Chris understands how psychology and the proper mindset can help you overcome obstacles and achieve success. This section of the video also discusses practical do's and don'ts when trading.

See Pro Trader Club Sample Video #1

See Pro Trader Club Sample Video #2

Objectives and Format of PTC

  • To use audio and video to show traders specific application of the tools and market knowledge learned in the Forexmentor Pro Traders Workshop, Advanced CD course, and Global Fundamentals course. PTC is an excellent follow-up medium for Chris’ students to grasp the tremendous range of trading possibilities using the tools learned.

  • Chris will regularly walk you through a range of market scenario’s using the most basic and simple methods to find intraday and long term trades, as well as the more complex combination of fundamentally and technically driven market action. See how the Pro’s view the market!

  • To not only review what has happened in the past, showing proper application of the tools and techniques, but to also discuss what you should be looking at technically, for possible future trade set ups!

What You will Get with PTC

  • PTC will provide online recorded streaming video analysis of market action an average of twice weekly to show specifically how Chris utilizes and integrates the tools he teaches in his courses to achieve consistent profitability.

  • The reviews will combine the impact of global fundamental events along with an application of a range of technical methods that Chris uses. The reviews will help the trader become familiar with, and identify market idiosyncrasies, price behaviors, chart patterns, mass psychology and other market specific characteristics to dramatically increase your knowledge of the market and find trading opportunities.

  • In the reviews, Chris may occasionally show video’s of live trades he has taken or is currently managing, as well as help the trader look for potential trade scenarios presenting themselves in the current market environment.

  • Chris will be open to respond to appropriate and advanced questions via the PTC reviews, under his own discretion. Chris WILL NOT use PTC time (or other) to respond to elementary questions that can be answered through a commonplace medium. (Chris is full time trader and his schedule will not permit him to privately respond to personal emails)

  • Members will have access to an exclusive area in the ForexMentor website to view current and past video clips and other visual archives.
  • Members will receive email notifications when market reviews and analysis become available.

  • Video postings will be offered based on Chris’ schedule but there will be on average 2 videos per week.

  • Although it is not a prerequisite to becoming a member of PTC, review of the Advanced CD course or attendance at one of the Pro Traders workshops is a definite advantage, because the concepts covered in the PTC will be consistent with Chris’ teachings.

Dear Chris,  Thank you so much for the excellent pro traders club emails. They are so informative and  all your showing us seems to put together what exactly to look for when trading the scary forex market...   I'm really looking foward to the next meeting that you are going to hold hear in Australia.  This time my husband will come.  I've talked so much about you and your course, that He should Know you very well.  Thank you so much for teaching me everything you Know about this lovely volitile market. 
- Tabitha Watson, Australia

Hi Chris, What a fantastic session it was! it is marvellous! Never seen anythink like this before with live trade. Thank you very much champion,
- Richard

Hi Chris, I think your posting of live trades is brilliant, thank you!...when I saw your posting this morning, I had my charts parallel to yours, +  10 hours & said to myself, "this poor guy got it wrong", but was very impressed with your patience to see you hold in to break even at nil loss. I was equally impressed with your prior e-mail when you shorted the GBP at 10 lots, man, your patience really impresses me! I just noticed that on 9 May 2006 at 0600 ET, the session you demonstrated, trendline break on the hourly, confirmed by RR tracks & MACD x-over., below the Pivot point was a good long entry.
- Barry McNeil

Chris, I must compliment you on the two most recent live trading videos. By way of a backhanded compliment...yes they are messy and  scatty, but that's the charm.. the content is there and it gives hope for us all ...especially when"..that's about as exciting trading gets!" I always thought it was me missing the drama somewhere. Keep it up..please  it REALLY helps.  It helps by seeing the organised strategy you instigate, action and monitor. Peter's dissertations give the polished application of how to do it,  from you we see the messy childbirth of trading to a good result. Thanks again,
- Peter Winch from the second Sydney Workshop. (I was the guy that missed the photos)

Hi Chris, Thanks for allowing me to be the "Fly on the Wall" during your recent NFP trading session. I actually used many of your techniques on my demo acct and collected 92 pips. That makes over 300 for the week. Thank you.    8^) I will be in LA this weekend for your adv workshop and am looking forward to it as I'm certain I will, once again, come away "Enlightened".
- Darryl Warren , Lonpoc, CA

Hi Chris, I am watching the last Pro Traders Club video you did. It is excellent.
- Gary Brennan, Edinburgh, UK

Chris, I'm learning as i go and i love the pro traders club.
- John Powell - Victor, NY.

Chris, You have made my day!  I just finished watching today's (Sep 20) Pro Trader's Club and heard you mention the Gartley pattern on the USDCAD. This is the first time I have ever heard that pattern mention wrt the Forex. A few years ago I studied with Larry Pesavento and learned about all of the FIb patterns; Gartleys, Butterflys, etc. I traded with them in the stock and indices. Still do use them there. But in the Forex? Only the normal retracements and extensions and even there, they are not always drawn correctly and some "new" ratios seem to have found their way into use. I am working my way through your new Advanced CD course and will be attending the Vancouver workshop. I don't know yet whether you discuss these patterns in the course or not. I hope so. Anyway, I am looking forward to the experience. Sincerely,- Dick Thompson

"Watching the videos will help beginner, intermediate or advanced traders understand the range of components to the forex market, which will ultimately help you define yourself as a trader. The most effective tool you will ever have in trading is a thorough understanding of the market you are engaged in. The greatest breakthrough in your trading will occur when you are confident in your methods and become an independent thinker.” - Chris Lori

(Note: Chris’ charges $5,000 USD per day for private consulting service)

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Chris cannot and will not be held responsible for any members interpretation of the information provided in any part of Chris Lori’s Pro Traders Club reviews. Any market analysis, whether before or after, can change within moments of submission and should not be considered as trading advice or otherwise . BEFORE PROCEEDING, PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ AND AGREE TO OR DECLINE THE FOLLOWING INVESTMENT DISCLAIMER.


The risk of loss in trading foreign exchange can be substantial. You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition.

Chris Lori does not control, and cannot endorse or vouch for the accuracy or completeness of any information or advice you may have received or may receive in the future from any other person not employed by Chris Lori regarding foreign currency or exchange. The content herein is provided in good faith and believed to be up-to-date and accurate; however, there are no explicit or implicit warranties of accuracy or timeliness made by Seaview Capital Inc or its affiliates. Accordingly, we accept no responsibility for any use made of the information provided.

Futures and options trading involve substantial risk and is not for all investors. Investment in the currency exchange is highly speculative and should only be done with risk capital. The high degree of leverage that is often obtainable in foreign exchange trading can work against you as well as for you. The use of leverage can lead to large losses as well as gains.

Chris Lori’s Pro Traders Club market review and analysis is to be used entirely at your own discretion and at your own risk.

Past performance is NOT indicative of future results. The information contained herein should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell commodities, futures or any investment. The information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only. Chris Lori highly recommends that before making a decision, the reader collects several opinions related to the decision and verifies facts from at least several independent sources.

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