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Chris Lori is a well known and highly respected currency trader and educator. He is the founder and principal owner of Seaview Capital -- A Foreign Exchange trading firm that manage portfolio’s for private and institutional clients worldwide.

Chris makes his living trading currencies in his own account and also actively manages a currency fund. As an authority in currency trading, Chris has delivered numerous Forex workshops, appeared on financial talk shows and regularly speaks to Forex trading groups. Chris enjoys sharing his in depth Forex knowledge by coaching beginners and aspiring full time Forex traders.

A former Olympian, Chris has competed in four Olympic Winter Games and was crowned Overall World Cup Champion in the sport of bobsleigh. Chris totaled nine Crystal Globes for Overall World Cup final standings and accumulated twenty-two World Cup Medals in an outstanding Olympic bobsledding career.

In 2000, Chris passionately turned his interest to trading in the capital markets with a primary focus on currency trading. Currently he manages funds on behalf of exclusive private investors and institutions. Chris was mentored in technical analysis and trading by one of the best fund managers, winner of the Daiken Award for best new fund for private equity, in the FX industry.

It is clear that Chris successfully applies to his trading exploits the necessary psychological skills of discipline, focus and planning, which he developed in his lengthy and outstanding athletic career.

Mr. Lori has written a book called Face The Trader Within on the psychology of trading. His psychological prowess is also portrayed well in his book titled, “Fiercely Driven

Remarks from Chris...

"It is an honour and a privilege to be welcomed by Peter and the entire ForexMentor Team. I can say with confidence, that I fully endorse Peter’s methods, since I trade with Pivots, MACD, Candlesticks and Trendlines, personally.

I wish to personally congratulate you, the students, for your wise decision to learn and understand Peter’s methods. I hope you appreciate the tremendous professional insight for such a great value. I am discouraged by the many forex-trading courses made available at an insurmountable cost to the student. Not only the Thousands of dollars of up-front cost for the education, but the cost to the student when they open their trading account and place their hard earned funds into the market while improperly equipped to trade profitably. The typical forex retail course does not equip the trader effectively for the profession. It is because of the excellent work of Peter Bain that I am inspired to deliver full spectrum nuts and bolts of understanding and taking command of the currency markets.

I am enthusiastic about contributing to the needs of ForexMentor students to help them understand the necessary skills to trade profitably in the foreign exchange markets. It brings me great satisfaction to assist in the development of aspiring traders, in any way I can. I believe it is important for private traders to understand how trading professionals and fund managers operate in the trading environment. "

Welcome Video from Chris Lori...

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